As Progressives Rule The Democratic Party, The Blue Wave May Be A Wave Goodbye

Progressives are eating their own Democratic mentors as they seek to usher in Marx's "end of History."


As political pundits attempt to speculate on the results of the November midterm results, the oft-said “blue wave” may actually be a wave goodbye to the place Democrats have occupied on the political spectrum for the better part of a half century. Over the course of two or three years, there has been movement of eating one’s own within the Democratic Party, with the prey in this case being the establishmentarians of liberalism, anyone who is seen glancing at the right side of the aisle in effort to find a “common sense” solution in world where common sense is a phrase that must be retired.

The progressive arm of the Democratic Party, while not a large part of their delegation, is a disproportionately strong, rather loud and obnoxious denomination filled with a colorful and characteristic spread of millennials, irresponsible youths, Marxists, extremists, and one crazy-haired septuagenarian, all of whom are screaming at the top of their Kool-Aid filled lungs about the inequities and irrevocable bigotries undertaken by the capitalist, traditionalist class. These fiery chants and guerrilla tactics set to usher in a wave of political reformation in Washington and state houses and cities across the country have not been just against Republicans and conservative kinds, however. Progressives are now subjugating their mentor class by instilling a set of tactics Che Guevara would be proud of by attacking anything and everything that dares to defy their mission of tearing down the framework of American values.

Some brave fellows have bucked the progressives, detaching themselves from the liberalism that even Tip O’Neill wouldn’t recognize just 30 years removed. Recently, the “#WalkAway Campaign” was started by New York City-based hair stylist and aspiring actor Brandon Straka, a disaffected life-long Democratic sympathizer urging liberals to detach themselves from the Democratic Party.

In one of his Facebook videos, Straka said he originally became a liberal because he had, “found a tribe whose values aligned with my own.”

Straka said that he agreed with the Party’s platform which did not marginalize “any human being” based on preconceived notion, “staunchly reject[ed] racism of any kind,” and “reject[ed] tyrannical groupthink, and the suppression of free speech. Now, however, he is “walking away” because of the same reasons he became a liberal.

He claims the party is being overrun by people who have, “taken for granted that it owns racial, sexual, and religious minorities in America. It has encouraged groupthink, hypocrisy, division, stereotyping, resentment, and the acceptance of victimhood mentality. And all the while, they have discouraged minorities from having independent thought, open dialogue, measured and informed opinion, and a motivation to succeed,” according to the #WalkAway Facebook page.

In forwarding his mission by encouraging people to dissociate themselves from liberalism, he is now painted with a target by the progressive left. Most recently, while in a camera store in New York City, he was denied service because of his campaign against progressivism.

In a report from PetaPixel, Straka was shopping in the Adorama camera store for new photography equipment when a customer recognized the #WalkAway campaigner and said, “I saw you on Tucker!” which the customer was referring to the show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” where Straka has appeared to speak about his campaign to show people the encroaching despotism of the Democratic Party. “You’re that Walk Away guy!” the customer reportedly said.

Straka posed for a photo with the fan, but was then greeted by a less-than-enthusiastic camera store employee.

“He stared at me with this kind of dead-pan expression,” Straka said during an interview after incident. “And he [the employee] said: ‘Are you planning to use this equipment for alt-right purposes?…I’m sorry I just don’t feel comfortable selling to you. I can’t sell to you.'”

Straka was dumbfounded by the encounter, saying that, “It kind of took my breath away. I said to him, ‘Listen, if you can’t sell to me, that’s fine, but, you know, person to person, I’d like to talk to you, because I don’t think you know what Walk Away is about.’

The employee then said, according to Straka, “Well, you know, I’m done. I’m not comfortable selling to you. You’re welcome to talk to someone else in the store but I’m not going to sell to you.”

Although he found another employee to help him find the equipment he needed and purchased the gear, after he left he took to Twitter to tell the tale to his 50,000+ followers:

“I’m shaking right now. I just went into a camera store to buy a camera and a light and mic, etc. and they recognized me from tv. I was refused service because they said it was for ‘alt right’ purposes. That literally just happened.”

Straka appeared on “Justice with Judge Jeanine” over the weekend, where he said that he believes the left takes minorities for granted and makes people feel that President Trump’s administration is looking to hurt them. Since facing ideological repercussions from the camera store employee and the disinformation surrounding his campaign, Judge Jeanine told Straka that he is now experiencing the kind of backlash that many Republicans have seen by the left, especially the progressive left, according to Fox News Insider.

Straka also commended conservatives for how “forgiving” they are in response to attacks by the left, commenting on the bifurcation of the political spectrum by saying, “It’s two completely different worlds.”

After the interview, Judge Jeanine tweeted:

“‘Ultimately ,particularly for minorities in America, racial minorities, LGBT people, I want them to become aware that the Democrats actually don’t support them.They are actually using them and they are actually manipulating their fears and concerns.. ‘ – @usminority”

As disaffected liberals continue to leave the party due to its far-leftism, chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Tom Perez said that Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 28-year-old progressive who beat 10-term incumbent Congressman Joe Crowley (NY-14) in last month’s primary, “represents the future of our party.” This, of course, occurred just as all DSA chapter chairs echoed in unison that “communism is good,” saying that all its members are far-left “revolutionary Marxists,” according to a report from the Daily Caller.

However, what party chair Perez didn’t mention is that the budding group behind “the future” of the Democratic Party is that the DSA not interested in preserving the present Democratic Party, showing open antagonism towards the present party apparatus of what they call a “sinking ship.” Furthermore, the group teeming with radicals are fervently dedicated to dismantling and overturning the economic and social foundations of the U.S.

In Virginia, the DSA’s Charlottesville, chair has signed on to what Portland, Oregon, DSA co-chair Olivia Katbi Smith tweeted: “As a DSA chapter co-chair I just wanna set the record straight for a minute: communism is good.”

The group places a stark emphasis on Marx’s dreams of the “end of History,” being a classless society, “the abolition of prisons and police,” among other dystopian goals. In a bit of theatrics, the DSA even concluded its 2017 national meeting with the communist doxology L’Internationale – a far-left anthem which served as the official song of the Soviet Union for years.

Even a 2017 DSA resolution reads, “…together we can overcome the old sectarianism of the far left around the common project of ending the rule by the two-party system and capitalism as a whole.”

This is the new Democratic Party.