When then-Secretary of Education Arne Duncan was working for then-President Barack Obama, his top priority was developing an all-star plan to address the declining public school infrastructure throughout America. Also, he promised to address the increasing problem of school shootings; but like the former, he never produced on the latter. Now that Duncan has a moral soapbox to stand on, he is making a radical pitch for a nationwide school boycott – likening it to the Selma bus boycott…seriously.

On Tuesday, Parents of school children attending Parkland, Florida, schools gathered in a meeting hall of the Marriott Hotel to hear Duncan’s idea. The game plan is to create national tension by keeping students out of classrooms to force lawmakers in Washington to pass gun reform legislation.

Holding kids hostage? Sounds like it.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, the “intentionally provocative” proposal is said by Duncan to be akin to the bus boycott in Selma and Montgomery, Alabama, advocated by Martin Luther King Jr. during the Civil Rights movement. “That 13-month mass protest changed national policy about segregation on public buses and the same could be done here in the name of gun reform, Duncan said.”

“I think America doesn’t care enough,” Duncan said. “If America cared, it would vote on this issue.”

“It must be student led and it must occur during the run up to November’s mid-term elections,” Duncan said emphatically. “This is brilliant and tragically necessary,” he added.

Brilliant? Apparently, Duncan does not know the timeline of the bus boycotts.

With the 1950’s boycott, it took over one year to work sufficiently in Selma, and another nine years to be instituted on national scale, leading to African-Americans being able ride public transportation and not be forced to sit in a specified area. So, does Duncan want children to quit going to school for nearly a decade? Does he want all teachers, administrators, and school employees to deny their salaries for nearly a decade?

Mr. Arne Duncan, the former superintendent of Chicago Public Schools, another great example of infrastructure, is one of the reasons why school shootings occur on such a big scale. During his reign with Obama, he instituted the “PROMISE Program,” set to change the way in which minority students are charged with crimes in schools, hoping to ending racial disparagement. The program forces teachers and administrators to deal with criminal actions in-house, meaning the police never get called, the crime never gets reported, one’s record is clean, and no sirens are set off.

The PROMISE Program gained notoriety after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland in February after the shooter showed obvious signs of being violent, but teachers and police couldn’t do anything because school funding is tied to behavior statistics within schools under the program.

To read the entirely of the Promise Program to outline the scale of the agreement and which parties contributed to the policy, click HERE.

Duncan, just like most other Democrats, are now holding children hostage to get what they want – getting guns out of the hands of Second Amendment-abiding citizens. However, without the relinquishment of the PROMISE Program, behavior within schools as it relates to violence will not change.