Cox Welcomes Snyder To The Race; Pushes Back Against Democratic Control

Game meets game.


Ready to read a classy statement, one professional to another?  Read this as former Speaker Kirk Cox welcomes Pete Snyder to the GOP gubernatorial race:

“I’d like to welcome Pete to the 2021 gubernatorial race. I know Pete has long wanted to get back into the public arena after his 2013 campaign for Lt. Governor. It is my firm belief that competition is a good thing, foundational to the success of our representative democracy. I look forward to a robust discussion in which Virginia Republicans can choose the candidate capable of unifying the party and providing the experience we desperately need in order to fight back, lead forward, and win in 2021.”

Wait — they’re not calling each other names??!

Well of course not.  It’s a convention.  Which means that you want to go into the campaign everyone’s #2 and just enough #1 in order to get you past the first round… and then the second… and then the third… and then to victory.

Pretty classy move, right?  Game meets game.

Meanwhile, Cox didn’t waste a second taking the wood to the Democrats and the Northam-McAuliffe agenda of higher taxes, firearm confiscation, and a sour economy made worse by Northam’s bungling on COVID.

Give it a listen.  Nice to see grown ups in the race for governor.