Crowder Goes Undercover With Antifa

Antifa activists get arrested in Utah planning violence to counter-protest conservatives attending a Ben Shapiro presentation... but does the media care?


September 27th, 2017 — Antifa activists plan to assault conservatives at a counter-protest where Ben Schapiro plans to speak to the University of Utah.

…except they didn’t count on being infiltrated.  Nor did they count on the fact that local and state law enforcement had already infiltrated their operations.  But the press?

Give this video a watch.  Then give this a thought: if Antifa would rather be reduced to merely being “anti-fascist” but then declares anything with which they disagree to be “Nazism” — even Jewish conservatives such as Ben Schapiro — then what prevents the social acceptance of the identitarian Alt-Right as being “anti-communist” and declaring everything “socialism” to justify violence from the right?

Facts are, Antifa isn’t merely anti-fascist.  Nor is the Alt-Right merely anti-socialist.  What links the two together is (1) a fundamental commitment to violent or direct action, and (2) a common belief that the American form and process of government and our Constitution are well beyond repair.

What folks must and should understand is that there really is a moral equivalency between the two camps.  Both resort to violence or direct action to achieve their goals; both believe the Constitution is a fundamentally flawed document.

…and both should be vigorously opposed, not coddled by the American media.