Will Fisher from Richmond, VA, United States via Wikimedia Commons

Under new legislation threatened by a Democrat  state legislator, parents could be arrested on felony child abuse charges if they do not “affirm their child’s sexual orientation and gender identity” and even be unable to gain future employment.

Before backtracking in the face of national outrage, Delegate Elizabeth Guzman, a Woodbridge Democrat, announced she planned to reintroduce a bill charging parents with felony neglect if they do not agree when a child claims to be a gender other than their biological gender.

Under the bill, if a child claims to be a gender other than their biological gender and his or her parents do not “affirm” it, he or she can notify school officials who would report the parents to Child Protective Service for abuse.

Guzman creepily threatened parents with permanent inability to hold a job or go to college.

“We know that CPS charge could harm your employment, could harm their education, because nowadays many people do a CPS database search before offering employment,” Guzman threatened to a reporter.

Despite Guzman’s claims she only wants schools and police to protect kids, Guzman’s threat to arrest parents and permanently keep them unemployed comes just two years after she and Virginia’s Democrat-controlled legislature voted to repeal state laws requiring schools to report when children are sexually battered, stalked or violently threatened.

That bill was signed into law by then-Democrat Governor .


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