gun control

President  and his fellow Democrats are doing their best to price Americans out of their ability to exercise their  rights.

The  is reportedly looking to decrease civilian access to .223 and 5.56 ammunition by nearly 30% – they seek to do this by barring the sale of excess military ammunition produced by  at the  in Independence, Missouri.

Both the .223 and 5.56 caliber rounds are standard self-defense and target shooting rounds used in AR platform firearms.

The Truth About Guns has more on the potential ban:

“Winchester, which operates the US Army’s Lake City ammunition plant, has been informed that it may no longer sell M855 and SS109 ammunition produced in excess of the military’s needs on the civilian market.

How would that affect the civilian supply of .223 and 5.56 ammunition? We understand that as much as 30% of the commercial market’s sales volume of .223/5.56 is produced by Lake City.

The motivation here is obvious. The Biden administration is attempting to further spike the price of ammunition, squeezing the owners of America’s favorite rifles…the scary black ones that the president assures us are only good for killing people and taking down Kevlar vest-wearing deer.

Let’s face it. Even the hapless Biden administration must realize that they don’t have any realistic prospect of getting another “assault weapons” ban through the Senate. Instead, they’re doing the next best thing. They’re trying to make shooting most AR-15 rifles as expensive as possible for Americans who own between 20 and 25 million AR platform guns

This move should be a jarring wake-up call for any law-abiding gun owners who may not yet be paying attention to the radical moves being pushed by Democrats.

Earlier this week, Virginia Congressman  introduced H.R.8051 – legislation that would impose an excise tax of 1,000% on sales of “large capacity ammunition feeding devices and semiautomatic assault weapons.”

Although the text of the bill is not yet publicly available, Beyer has already gained the support of 36 of his Democratic colleagues who have signed on to cosponsor the radical proposal.

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