One item of note this morning. The inestimable Jim Bacon writes over at Bacon’s Rebellion about a perfectly normal meeting of the VMI Alumni Association getting railroaded by its own president over the objections and voices of its own alumni:

Despite the disagreements, a vote unfolded. The first round was a voice vote on the association-selected slate. It was overwhelmingly voted down. Then a hand count was called for, and the slate was voted down again. Once that was settled, a voice vote ensued to elect the new slate. The voice vote was overwhelmingly positive, says Morris. No nays were expressed.

In Morris’ telling, Stocks conferred with the association’s lawyer and then proclaimed that the previous motion was out of order and would not be recorded in the minutes.

Dissident alumni are not limited to the Virginia Military Institute in the wake of Critical Race Theory (CRT) being imposed from on high in the aftermath of the Northam administration’s apology tour. VMI, Washington & Lee (affectionately termed Ampersand University), and even the University of Virginia are all seeing donor uprisings — and rightly so.

Read it all.

As for myself, after reading this I promptly signed up with the UVA’s Jefferson Council with a donation of $100. Which I suppose makes me a bit biased, but at least more honest than your average Washington Post reporter.