Glenn Youngkin from Virginia, United States via Wikimedia Commons

In yet another update to the already ridicules number of bills signed by Governor Youngkin, the republican governor’s office has announced that he signed off on 700 bills and took action on 841 total pieces of legislation. (RELATED: Youngkin Signs Even More Bills Into Law, Now Over 100)

“These bills are all bipartisan and we can all be proud that together we’ve taken steps to make life easier for Virginians, make our Commonwealth’s economy more competitive, support law enforcement, protect the most vulnerable among us, increase access to health care, and take necessary steps toward making Virginia’s schools the absolute best in the nation,” Youngkin said in a statement.

Some highlights include measures aimed at reining in the retail sales of products containing psychoactive form of THC, which would prohibit the retail sale of products with psychoactive synthetic delta-8 THC in October but preserve the market for regulated CBD products. It would also create two new misdemeanor penalties for marijuana possession.

We’ll be diving more into some of the important bills soon, but most of them will not go into effect until July 1st. Until then, you can find all of the bills signed by Youngkin here.


  1. […] This law is one of the nearly 700 bills that Governor Younkin recently signed into effect. According to legal experts, the misuse of these tags by non-farmers has been going on for more than a decade. Hopefully, this new regulation will help close the loophole in the law and help farmers keep their regulation in place without being abused by would be opportunists. (RELATED: Youngkin Has Now Signed More than 700 Bills Into Law) […]

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