Rules for thee, but not for me.

If you were searching for the modern day Democrat tagline, there it is. Hypocrisy has always been prevalent among leftist politicians, but COVID-19 has made this reality astoundingly clear. Despite Democrats in Virginia’s House of Delegates using the virus as an excuse to shut down the economy and conduct session virtually — they have hosted at least 18 in-person fundraisers in the last few months alone (and those are just the ones we know about).

While they have righteously shouted down from their ivory towers how the “common folk” should navigate this pandemic, Democrats in all levels of government have continuously failed to follow their own advice.

  • Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) while ordering Americans to stay home, still felt it necessary to make a secret, mask-less trip to the hair salon.
  • Governor Gavin Newsome (D-California) attended a birthday party for his lobbyist buddy the same day he pumped the brakes on re-opening his state.
  • Governor Ralph Northam (D-Virginia) imposed a mask mandate within days of strolling down a crowded Virginia Beach boardwalk mask-less.

House Democrats hosting a large slate of in-person events also earns them a spot atop this continuously growing list of liberal hypocrisy. COVID-19 has halted many things — largely due to Democrats in power — but obviously not an opportunity for the left to raise money. 

While Democrats have barred children from schools, shuttered small businesses, banned families from loved ones’ funerals, and plunged Virginia into a self-inflicted recession — the hunt for money and power has not stopped.

Among the many hypocritical Delegates is Marcus Simon (D-McLean), who condescendingly disparaged House Republicans for objecting to the Democrat Speaker’s decision to move session online — because God forbid democracy be carried out in-person, as it should be.

Simon also was adamant about keeping schools closed, because no teacher, he said, should be required to “share a room with” students. All the while, you could find Delegate Simon filling his campaign coffers at his in-person events.

Keep in mind, though, Marcus Simon is not an isolated case. He is simply one of many hypocritical members of the House Democrat majority.

At least Republicans and Democrats can agree on something: COVID-19 does not have to completely stop our way of living. Both parties, it seems, recognize that pieces of life as we formerly knew it can safely continue. However, the difference here is that Republicans say this belief out-loud, and have attempted to legislate accordingly. Democrats, on the other hand, have continued to tell the general public one thing — and then do another.

Already disadvantaged students are still struggling to adapt to online school. Families are still coping with the fact they could not hold the hand of their loved one as they passed, or attend their memorial service. Small business owners are still reeling from watching their life’s work vanish before their eyes. It is these harsh realities, and the plethora of unmentioned ones, that makes the deceitful behavior of House Democrats especially frustrating.

For a party so convinced of their righteous ways, they sure do bleed hypocrisy.

Remember, this November, each of the 55 Democrat Delegates will be up for re-election. Hopefully, this fall will serve as a total repudiation of the elitism plaguing the Democratic majority in Virginia.