Last poll: D +8, Northam gets an 8pt margin.
This poll: D+12, Northam ekes out a 6pt margin.

Some interesting nuggets in this poll for astute observers. ¬†Libertarian Cliff Hyra polls at 4 points while Gillespie moves up 2 — nothing good in those numbers for Northam.

Here’s the additional kickers for Northam in the Quinnipiac poll:

  • Gillespie edged up 2pts even though the Ds moved 4.
  • Gillespie polls +9 with independents vs. Northam.
  • Gillespie polls 41-38 vs. Northam on who will handle the economy.
  • Gillespie polls 41-37 vs. Northam on taxes.

Overall, when you take the slant out of the poll?  Quinnipiac confirms what we already knew: Gillespie is tied or slightly ahead of Northam at this rate.

When you throw into the mix that the VCU poll actually has Hyra doing better than Northam among independents? ¬†So far, we have an A+ poll out of Monmouth that is showing surprising strength out of Gillespie and what has to be disturbing weakness from Northam’s floundering and listless campaign.