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Friday, November 17, 2017
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Shaun Kenney

Shaun Kenney is the Senior Editor for The Republican Standard.

House Tax Reform Should Put SALT Back On The Table

Without this one solution, a policy of double-taxation will mean massive real estate property tax hikes as localities cope with federal funding shortfalls. 

Time To End The Moral Subsidization of Roy Moore

Yes, the Democrats are leveraging the suffering of victims for political gain. That shouldn't mean we turn a blind eye to the allegations against Roy Moore.

In Flanders Field 100 Years Ago

By November 1918, the American Expeditionary Force was a battle tested army.  The cost in blood was immense. 

Republicans Should Be Perceptively Hostile Towards The Blame Game

Democrats would love to see us rip one another apart. Let's set our eyes towards the opportunities we have, not the backbiters within.

Not A Defeat; Just A Crystallization

Republicans didn't lose 2017 tonight; Republicans lost 2017 precisely one year ago when Donald Trump realigned the political map of the country. 

Team Gillespie Positively Chipper As Early Voting Reports Trickle In

Early reports via social media and Google Trends all point towards a very good Gillespie headstart on Election Tuesday.

League of Women Voters Engages In Voter Intimidation

Nestled in between Richmond Camera and Yoga Source?  Is the UPS box for the Center for Voter Information -- a front for the League of Women Voters.

Delegate Favola’s Comments Aren’t The Problem; The Vulgar Applause Is

"They're evil, we're the good guys." Favola's statement begs the question: Is this what Democrats really think of Republicans?

Anti-Gang Violence Measure Sails Through House Judiciary

Policy makers on both sides of the aisle in Washington are taking the threat of gang violence deadly seriously -- even if Northam is late to the game.

GOP Pours $15mil Into Gillespie Campaign Effort

Encouraging signs for Republicans fighting for their first statewide victory since 2009.