Friday, January 21, 2022
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Shaun Kenney

Shaun Kenney is the Senior Editor for The Republican Standard.

Virginia’s New Opportunity Officer Isn’t Wasting Any Time

Youngkin's newest appointee is already cleaning house and bringing opportunity back to Richmond.

Biden Tells Ukrainians They Are Going To Lose; Hopes They Kill a Ton of...

The Biden White House isn’t precisely exuding leadership at present. 

FACTCHECK: Facts Can Be Artfully Arranged to Drive Political Narratives!

Can we simply end the pretense of factchecking yet?

The RGGI’s Cap and Tax Scheme Deserves to Die (and the Dems Know It...

RGGI was unaffordable from the get go; lining up ratepayers as hostages isn't right or fair, and the sooner RGGI goes away the better.

Meritocracy Against the Wokes

Progressive Democrats are awfully riled up about the term "meritocracy" in Youngkin's EO 1 -- and they ought to be.

The Hypocrisy Surrounding January 6th

Democrats behave as partisans; Republicans are expected to behave as citizens... until we behave like partisans, too.

No Hiding It: Northam Flubbed the Snowstorm Response

Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) was stuck on I-95 for 27 hours after Northam-led VDOT refused to prepare for winter storm.

AG Herring’s Despicable Race-Baiting Has No Place In Virginia

Democrats are feverishly framing the narrative before Youngkin is sworn in.

Wexton, Luria, Spanberger Cynically Hang Northam’s Failures on Youngkin

Such a move strikes any objective observer is patently cruel and characteristically cynical.

Speaker Gilbert Announces New Republican Committee Chairs

Davis, Robinson, Hodges, Ransone and Wilt all fill out a very strong leadership roster.