Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Shaun Kenney

Shaun Kenney is the Senior Editor for The Republican Standard.

So Where Do Things Really Stand?

FOX News: McAuliffe +4 after a terrible, no-good week.

UVA Survey On Secession: Red Counties; Blue Cities

The UVA Center for Politics has an alarming new study showing precisely how far we have gone down the rabbit hole. Can we climb out?

McAuliffe Deploys Dirty Campaign Tactics To Steal Votes in Virginia

Mimetic warfare is typically reserved for overseas actors, or in McAuliffe's case to split and divide his opposition in a last ditch attempt to rescue a failing campaign.

YANCEY: The Surprising Ways Both Parties Agree on Redistricting Maps

Clever on both sides, to be sure.  Which one is more representative of the values of a community of interest over time?   Who knows...

Cook Political Report Moves Virginia To Toss-Up

Might be more of a Tilt D... but with McAuliffe at 2.8 in the aggregates and Democrats staying home? Gonna get interesting.

Virginia’s Non-Partisan Redistricting Is Running Out Of Time

The commission will continue to meet in the first part of October to attempt to reconcile state delegate and state senate district lines. 

Loudoun County School Board Changes Rules For Public Comment

Local school boards eager to push transgenderism and CRT are beginning to muzzle concerned parents at public hearings across Virginia.

Sears Gets Strong $100K Boost From RSLC

Sears is looking remarkably strong and consistent as she continues to punch above her weight with Virginia voters. 

BREAKING: Virginia Employment Commission Overpays $930 Million Last Year

If one were to commit to a Marshall Plan to fix the Virginia Employment Commission -- even during the pandemic -- would it have cost $930 million to do?  

VCU Wilder: McAuliffe by 9 as Sears, Miyares Are Within Striking Distance

McAuliffe leads 43-34 among registered voters; Generic Ballot at D+4