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Shaun Kenney is the Senior Editor for The Republican Standard.

Do Pipeline Protesters Really Want This “Pebble By Pebble” Analysis?

Welcome to the tactic of "question until it fails" -- a war game of attrition designed solely to delay and obfuscate in an effort to hijack the process.

Democrats In Revolt As Workfare Requirements Dawn On Progressives

While Democrats seethe at workfare requirements across Medicaid, the real possibility of closing the coverage gap while reforming entitlements is there.

Dulce Et Decorum Est: Second Thoughts on Syria

Rather than attempting $82 million dollars of warfare, one might consider what $82 million of peace would provide.

LINGAMFELTER: What Both Sides Want In Korea

Former Delegate Scott Lingamfelter is showing no signs of fading into retirement, as the noted military expert is making the rounds. Lingamfelter's exposition on what...

WILSON: Time For Facebook To Face The Music

So long as technology is wedded to Moore's Law, culture will struggle to keep up, creating easy prey for the technorati who understand the new rules.  

Your 18 Minutes of Civilization

The best part? Stile Antico is coming to Richmond on Friday, April 6th at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart.

Virginia Interfaith Center Praises Senator Hanger On Healthcare Expansion

“We’re just trying to be political realists,” said Del. Terry Kilgore. “It’s here to stay, so Virginia has to make the best of a bad situation.”

Delegate Mark Keam Is A Very Expensive Date

Keam's public "Dear John" letter to Dominion isn't about the $9,750 he took when he needed it... or the Redskins tickets...

The Only Virginia NCAA Bracket You Will Ever Need

...not that I'm rooting for anyone but Virginia, of course.  Just thought you should know.

Round 2: General Assembly Will Reconvene on 11 April For Healthcare

With House and Senate budget conferees miles apart on healthcare expansion, Governor Northam has called for a special session to hammer out the details.