Monday, June 27, 2022
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Shaun Kenney

Shaun Kenney is the Senior Editor for The Republican Standard.

Dominion Energy Rate Hikes: How Much Blame Should Environmentalists Take?

The environmentalist pressure campaign to shift away from domestic natural gas to so-called "green" energy doesn't benefit shareholders or working-class families, but it sure does help someone in Russia.

JD Vance and The Future of The Conservative Movement

If one thing is clear, Trump has taught the Right that it is OK to fight back. 

The Authority of the Court and the Peril of Politics

Justice Stephen Breyer isn't exactly a conservative, but his words of caution on the limits of judicial review are worth noting.

Filler-Corn Flips Off Bystanders After Losing Leadership Vote

Former Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn (D-Fairfax) decided to let her emotions get the better of her last week.

House Democrats Remove First Female Jewish Speaker as Minority Leader

Progressive dark money group Clean Virginia made their move to take over Virginia Democrats with progressive identity politicians -- and won.

VMI Alumni Fight Back as Higher Ed Culture Wars Evolve

Alumni from Virginia's colleges and universities are starting to push back hard.

Let’s Talk About 8.5% Inflation. . .

One has to wonder whether we are truly facing market forces or something a touch more engineered.

Virginia Budget Deal Stalled as Democrats Demand $3B in Increased Spending

Senate Democrats continue to play a losing hand in Richmond, but do they know how bad their hand actually is? Survey says no...

With the Session Over and Budget Delayed, Virginia Dems Sense Blood in the Water

Virginia Republicans are bumping into a new reality of unelected institutions fighting them every inch of the way. Are we up to the fight? This...

HOLLINGSWORTH: Still Time to Limit Governor’s Emergency Powers

Voters will soon know whether their state legislators were actually serious about checking the power of the executive branch in this matter – or not.