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Shaun Kenney is the Senior Editor for The Republican Standard.

CPAC, The Bulwark, And The State of Conservatism Today

To hurl ridicule at the ridiculous feels good for a weekend, but it doesn't advance the cause one bit. 

What Does Former Fairfax CM Zakiya Thomas Know That We Don’t Know?

Under any other conditions?  We would be asking these questions (tough as they are) of a campaign manager... yet in this instance, we are not.  Why?

Those Who Fell For The Mob Reaction Should Be Completely Ashamed

Tolerance, so it seems, means never having to say you are sorry.  Fact of the matter is, the real story isn't what happened in Washington, but what happened on Twitter.

Virginia Senate GOP Short Term Health Care Plan Builds Steam

If even as a stopgap measure, bi-partisan support for the Virginia Senate GOP solution appears to be gaining steam. 

What Is Driving Anti-Dominion Groups: Michael Bills or Russian Rubles?

Clean Virginia, Virginia Mercury, Green Antifa, VPAP... what's a few thousand dollars between comrades?
dominion energy

Sharply Contested Solar Energy Project Proves Popular Among Spotsylvania Voters

A new poll by Public Opinion Strategies shows the 6,000 acre solar project to have broad support within Spotsylvania County.

Your Sixty Eight Minutes of Christmas Civilization!

Who doesn't love Christmas music during Advent?  Heck knows I do... and what better way to spend this Advent by listening to medieval Christmas music! 

Virginia Is Not Trending Towards The Democrats; Republicans Just Don’t Have Their Act Together

How do you lose 33.1% support if your opponent only grows, at most, by 5%?

Only a Peace Between Equals Can Last

The path forward is actually quite simple.

Blue Wave Fizzles As Republicans Grow Senate Majority; Lose House

Virginia is not a deep blue state; we are a red state that just can't get its act together... and if we intend to preserve the things that make us Virginians, we'd better get our act together ASAP.