Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Shaun Kenney

Shaun Kenney is the Senior Editor for The Republican Standard.

Threats Don’t Go Well in a Small Town

Once again, Democrats can behave like Democrats... provided Republicans don't behave like Democrats. Why is that? What are they missing?

WARNING: Power Grid Brownouts “Probable” This Weekend

Some precautions you can take before we get into the "dog days" of summer. With the latest high temperatures in the United States expected in...

Biden’s Poor Performance Lifting Virginia Republican Chances in 2023

Biden's lack of performance in Washington is dictating the political environment in Virginia -- and that is music to Republican ears.

Virginians Overtaxed $5bn as Youngkin Urges Budget Deal

Virginia's economy continues to recover from the Northam-era economic lockdowns, with over $5 billion in taxpayer resources waiting to be returned to the taxpayer.

SPECIAL REPORT: When Local Registrars Get Caught in the Middle

Editor’s Note: Today’s special report is co-reported by Martin Davis of F2S and Shaun Kenney of The Republican Standard, and it’s being co-published on both...

Can Virginia Republicans Find 500,000 Votes?

Of course we can. Kentucky did it.

Virginia House Republicans Unleash Massive Ad Buy

House Republicans are rumored to be spending upwards of $500,000 defining the race early for Virginia Democrats.

Virginia’s Public Education Monopoly Has a MIGHTY NEED!

...for more of your tax dollars. And it won't solve a damn thing. Just in case readers want to do a deep dive on the...

The “I” Stands For Idiot

Any third-party run makes about as much sense as a sandwich with no bread.

On Decency and the Gutter

For too long, the bad guys lean on the decency of the good guys as they push the boundaries. That only ends one way...