Monday, May 23, 2022
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Shaun Kenney

Shaun Kenney is the Senior Editor for The Republican Standard.

Alexandria Mayor Declares March 10th Day to Celebrate Killing Babies

Happy Abortion Provider Appreciation Day. No joke.

VHHA: Biden 45%; Youngkin 51% Approval Ratings

When asked on education? Youngkin leads 50-40 on whether he is doing a good job.

The Most Boring of General Assembly Sessions

As this session continues to wind down to a rather boring conclusion, Republicans should be keen to find small opportunities to focus on what a 2023 agenda might look like.

Gilmore Applauds Virginia ABC Russian Vodka Ban From Shelves

Several sub-par alcohols no one really drinks are going away.

Does the United States Have Any Compelling National Interest in the Ukraine?

For those who have watched the neoconservative brand shift from the Democratic Party in the 1970s and 1980s over to the Republican Party in...

Early Marks From CNU Wason Show Youngkin Approval at 41%

With the Virginia General Assembly at the crossover, the bureaucracy is picking winners and losers quickly. First and foremost is a new poll from the Christopher...

The Peter Pan Hypothesis in Ukraine Will Be Measured In Blood

Wishing for an overarching and existential national interest in Kiev does not make it so. 

The Weak Russia Hypothesis

One really hates to keep coming back to a recurring theme in the pages of this publication regarding the mishandling of the Russian Federation...

How Open Is Virginia’s Energy Grid to Russian Cyberattacks?

The unfortunate reality is that foreign and third-party actors have already begun the campaign.

Democrats Calls Black Virginia Republican “Uncle Tom”

While Democrats -- mostly white liberals -- seem to be hurling insult upon insult at the Air Force veteran, Cordoza seems to be taking it all in stride.