Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Shaun Kenney is the Senior Editor for The Republican Standard.
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ROMANELLO: Henrico’s Energy Boom Provides High Tech Jobs

Make what you will of renewable energy, but the ability to turn places like Henrico into Texas is undeniably tangible and real. 

WSJ: Economy Set To Roar In By Summer 2021

The Wall Street Journal points to the American economic engine and says she's ready to roar.

Youngkin Joins Packed Republican Gubernatorial Field

Former Carlyle Group CEO Glenn Youngkin brings the number of announced Republican candidates for Virginia governor to five.

BREAKING: Pete Snyder Enters The Race For Governor

Snyder's focus is on education, economy, and making Virginia safe for entrepreneurship again.  Sounds like a great plan. 

Northam Cuts Off Hospitals; Local Health Centers To Administer COVID Vaccines

To date, 424,857 doses have been administered of the over 1 million vaccines received by Virginia -- a bottleneck the Northam administration has not seen fit to relieve. 

Democrats Learn How To Build Walls (Around Robert E. Lee)

Before the court case has even been heard, Democrats in Richmond are preparing to act first.

Biden Stumbles Immediately Out Of The Gate

Biden's caging of unity over the progressive agenda or else being part of the disunity of the last four years is a dangerous course to plot.

Northam Conspires To Leave Senate Seat Vacant To Ensure Progressive Dominance

Bader notes that the Code of Virginia requires the governor to call a special election and does not leave it to his mere discretion.

With 780,000 COVID Vaccines, Why Have Only 25% Of Them Been Administered?

The answer?  Logistics and a failure to plan accordingly.