Friday, August 23, 2019
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Shaun Kenney

Shaun Kenney is the Senior Editor for The Republican Standard.

Pelosi Takes The Gloves Off; Wants To See Trump In Prison

The Democratic hard-left pins their fortunes in 2020 on impeachment.

The Cost Of Local News Keeps Going Up

Charlottesville's C'ville Weekly discusses the rising cost of news that's fit to print.

All The Governor’s Horses; All The Governor’s Men

...isn't going to put Northam's legacy back together again.

Remembering Fred Malek: 1936-2019

Fred Malek was not a household name; his virtues were undoubtedly American ones.

Speaker Kirk Cox On The Honor of Public Service

A textbook ad... but one that shows you how lucky Virginia is to have Speaker Kirk Cox behind the dais. 

Reeves Hauls In $125K; Holds Commanding $200K Cash On Hand Advantage

Over 44 days, former LG candidate and current State Senator Bryce Reeves raises an astonishing $127K.

Has Anyone Else Had Enough Of The Media Manipulating The Public?

The media -- not Trump -- are cheapening and ultimately destroying public discourse.

CPAC, The Bulwark, And The State of Conservatism Today

To hurl ridicule at the ridiculous feels good for a weekend, but it doesn't advance the cause one bit. 

What Does Former Fairfax CM Zakiya Thomas Know That We Don’t Know?

Under any other conditions?  We would be asking these questions (tough as they are) of a campaign manager... yet in this instance, we are not.  Why?

Those Who Fell For The Mob Reaction Should Be Completely Ashamed

Tolerance, so it seems, means never having to say you are sorry.  Fact of the matter is, the real story isn't what happened in Washington, but what happened on Twitter.