Sunday, June 16, 2019
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Shaun Kenney

Shaun Kenney is the Senior Editor for The Republican Standard.

Comstock Delivers The Ad Of 2018

"When I came forward to share my story, the first person to support me was Barbara Comstock."

Marshall Plan For Rural Localities Requires Reform, Not Just Cash

A cash infusion for Virginia's community colleges is a start... but when linked to workforce development and microfinance? It's a solution.

Riggleman Unleashes New TV Ads Defending Families In VA-05

Riggleman is wasting no time taking the fight to the Democrats in Virginia's 5th District.

DEA: Mexican Cartels Present National Security Threat

With drug activity increasing inside the United States and the Mexican cartels showing no signs of abating either in their production or aptitude for violence, calls from law enforcement to apply solutions may very soon transition into a clear and present danger should policy makers fail to act, especially as an ounce of prevention provides a pound of cure.

Should Virginia Republicans Begin Imitating Maryland? Ask Roger Scruton…

Conservatism should be a defense of government against its abuse by liberals.

Riggleman Running Calm, Decisive Campaign In VA-05

If you want to find the right people for public office, look for those who have accomplished something outside of public office. 

What The Democrats Are Doing To Kavanaugh Should Bother You

It doesn't have to be true, you see.  It just has to fit a narrative. 

FACTCHECK: Democrat Wexton Now Supports “Racist” Bill She Opposed (During The Primary)

That Wexton has seen fit to shift her narrative once again isn't just problematic, it's moral weakness and rank opportunism where firm resolve ought to exist. 

US-Russian Relations Shouldn’t Be Further Imperiled By Media Sniping

Reuters and the AP asked a partisan question and got a partisan response, which gets the larger (and far more dangerous) narrative of the sorry state of US-Russian relations lost in the media shuffle.

Virginia Democrats Want To Violently Rip Babies Away From Their Mothers

They just have a different and far more profitable means of doing so...