Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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Shaun Kenney

Shaun Kenney is the Senior Editor for The Republican Standard.

Virginia Tech Confirms Recent American Chestnut Discovery in Delaware

Big news for the American chestnut as nature continues to find a way.

Wokewashing Comes for the Executive Mansion

The 1619 Project comes for the Executive Mansion and plows through Governor Youngkin to make its point.

Virginia Speaker Gilbert Calls for Special Election in HOD-35

In the past, Democrats have weaponized special elections in order to enhance their majorities, an abrogation of tradition that Speaker Gilbert is eager to bring to an end.

Anti-Religion Hate Group Targets Tazewell Sheriff for His Christian Faith

Tazewell County's sheriff finds that stating basic metaphysical truths is a tough business indeed.

Youngkin Moves GOP Front Lines to Northern Virginia

“The battle lines are drawn, and the battlefields are our schools,” said Cao.

Youngkin Administration Seeks Withdrawal From RGGI

Governor Youngkin plans to move forward with a regulatory route to withdrawing Virginia from the Northam-era RGGI greenhouse consortium.

Virginia Republicans Look to End Northam-Era Legislation Banning Gasoline Cars by 2035

Virginia Democrats chained itself to California's emission standards in 2021. Virginia Republicans are looking to undo the damage.

BACON: Southwest Virginia Localities Under Continued Fiscal Stress

Virginia's Commission on Local Government's 2022 report has an interesting appendix.

YANCEY: Is Manchin’s deal on Mountain Valley Pipeline really happening?

Joe Manchin's deal to build the Mountain Valley Pipeline in exchange for his vote on the climate change spending bill rests on the value of a handshake with Chuch Schumer.

Rare Book by Thomas Jefferson Found In Virginia Beach Donation Box

Reports of Cases: Determined in the General Court of Virginia will be donated to Monticello's Jefferson Library.