Some food for thought?

Given the lay of the land, Republicans netted one seat in the Virginia Senate, carried 13 seats carried by Joe Biden in 2020, and carried seven of the 11 state Congressional seats. Fewer than 2,000 votes separated Republicans from victory in the State Senate; fewer than 2,500 votes separated Republicans from victory in the House of Delegates.

Which doesn’t sound too terrible, does it?

Here’s another thought: In a state carried by Joe Biden by 10 points and outspent by $7.5 million, Virginia Republicans came within just a few thousand votes of victory — for which there is no substitute.

Arguably, this election was not a blowout by any proportion. Without Youngkin’s presence, Tuesday could very well have given the Democrats their three-seat advantage in the State Senate as well as a three-seat advantage in the House of Delegates — given the ironclad framework of redistricting.

Yet likewise, there is a certain sentiment that Republicans didn’t lose insomuch as we forfeited. Nor did Democrats win insomuch as they merely bought — a rough wooing, if you will.