Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

Let’s gather around and talk about how terrible President Joe Biden’s approval ratings are — and how they are absolutely crushing Virginia Democrats in key races right now:


That’s 40% approval ratings, folks. If they go up to 45%? The first Tuesday in November is going to be a tough one for Republicans. If they go below 40%? Democrats are in for a world of hurt, with the General Assembly likely going 22 seats in our favor in the Virginia Senate and as high as 55 seats in the House of Delegates.

While I wouldn’t bet the mortgage on it, the most probable outcome is still stellar for Virginia Republicans — with a 21-seat majority in the State Senate and a 53-seat majority in the House of Delegates.

With regards to Biden’s favorable rating, there is simply no good news out there for the White House. Numbers to watch? Among black voters, Biden is 58/42. Among Hispanic voters, Biden is upside down 38/62. Among moderates? 44/56.

…and among independents? 33/67.

There’s being upside down in polling. Then there is face down in the bathtub with the poll numbers holding your head underwater polling.