Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Shaun Kenney

Shaun Kenney is the Senior Editor for The Republican Standard.

On Decency and the Gutter

For too long, the bad guys lean on the decency of the good guys as they push the boundaries. That only ends one way...

Abortion Rates Skyrocket in Post-Dobbs America

The so-called "drop" in abortions nationally is a myth. Chemical abortions -- RU486 -- are harder to track and more prevalent than any time before.

Miyares Visits Crisis Pregnancy Center of the Tidewater During Fundraising Drive

Pro-life CPCs have been under attack in the wake of the Dobbs ruling. Miyares joins state attorneys general in helping those who help mothers...

The Problem Isn’t Guns, It’s Richmond

Virginia Democrats and their failed policies -- not the 2A -- have made Virginia a more dangerous place for our children.

Cash On Hand Determining Outcomes in Virginia Senate Primaries

Trying to win over suburban moms worked for the Democrats in 2017; winning over suburban dads in 2023 just might save Virginia.

Mountain Valley Pipeline Back Thanks to McCarthy-Biden Debt Deal

Despite Kaine's best efforts, Manchin got his pipeline.

FIVE QUESTIONS: Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares

Whether it is combatting addiction or standing up for freedom, the American Miracle has a fighter in Jason Miyares.

Youngkin Touches the Third Rail of Virginia Politics

The Virginia Hunting Dog Alliance (VAHDA) is none too pleased about Youngkin's betrayal on the right to retrieve -- and is in a mood...

BREAKING: Reagan Republican AG Miyares Put on Russia’s List of “Banned Americans”

Weeks after his Poland visit, Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares joins an elite list of American leaders sanctioned by the Russian Federation.

SHOCK POLL: Trump 49/42 Over Biden

Trump opens up with a +7 lead against Biden after a series of missteps on the economy, abortion, CRT, and the Ukraine conflict.