Friday, April 3, 2020
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Shaun Kenney

Shaun Kenney is the Senior Editor for The Republican Standard.

Only a Peace Between Equals Can Last

The path forward is actually quite simple.

Blue Wave Fizzles As Republicans Grow Senate Majority; Lose House

Virginia is not a deep blue state; we are a red state that just can't get its act together... and if we intend to preserve the things that make us Virginians, we'd better get our act together ASAP.

Is Comstock On The Verge Of An Amazing Win?

Virginia's "Iron Lady" is well poised to emerge as the winner in VA-10 this Tuesday, and while most prognosticators are suggesting that there is no possible means of predicting the outcome? Comstock has shown every bit of fight and no signs of letting down, while Wexton has shifted her messaging in the final seconds of the game and is notably absent from the campaign trail.

Guess Who Is The Most Unpopular Politician In Virginia?

HINT: It's not Trump... which is why Democrat Jennifer Wexton is putting all the distance she can between her and Pelosi.

Did Hanoi Jane Just Max Out To Democrat Flaccavento In VA-09?

One Jane Fonda living in Atlanta, Georgia donated $2,700.00 to Flaccavento's campaign.

Comstock Delivers The Ad Of 2018

"When I came forward to share my story, the first person to support me was Barbara Comstock."

Marshall Plan For Rural Localities Requires Reform, Not Just Cash

A cash infusion for Virginia's community colleges is a start... but when linked to workforce development and microfinance? It's a solution.

Riggleman Unleashes New TV Ads Defending Families In VA-05

Riggleman is wasting no time taking the fight to the Democrats in Virginia's 5th District.

DEA: Mexican Cartels Present National Security Threat

With drug activity increasing inside the United States and the Mexican cartels showing no signs of abating either in their production or aptitude for violence, calls from law enforcement to apply solutions may very soon transition into a clear and present danger should policy makers fail to act, especially as an ounce of prevention provides a pound of cure.

Should Virginia Republicans Begin Imitating Maryland? Ask Roger Scruton…

Conservatism should be a defense of government against its abuse by liberals.