Dominion Rushes Over 700 Employees To Florida


Great news from Richmond as Dominion Energy responds to the devastation in Florida in the wake of Hurricane Irma.  From the press release:

More than 120 Dominion Energy employees, including linemen, damage assessors, safety experts and others are heading south along with 300 contractors from across Virginia and North Carolina. They will join the other 300 tree contractors who were previously released to begin the preliminary work of removing trees and debris ahead of line crews.

“Our employees and contractors are heading south with the expectation that they will be restoring power for at least two weeks,” Baine said. “We are proud of their willingness to leave their families and friends to work long days, providing desperately needed help.”

Mutual assistance from neighboring utilities is a hallmark of the electric utility industry, and can include not only crews but also other resources and equipment, such as helicopters and drones, high-water vehicles and other specialty equipment, as well as material that can be allocated and shared among electric companies to ensure all restoration and recovery needs are met.

Which is kinda how this works.  Should Hurricane Jose make its way to the Eastern seaboard and make landfall in Virginia, the reciprocation will be in kind as we recover from our third hurricane this season — should that come to pass.