Ever have that feeling in your gut that if something occurred, bad things might happen?

Yeah, this wasn’t like that.

This was more like watching some idiot jump in front of a train thinking a red cape would allow him to defy physics just like in the movies only to end up joining the list of Darwin Award recipients.

I first saw these machines in Estonia a couple years ago.  I was amazed at how efficient they made that McDonald’s compared to its American counterparts with cashiers. I was also thankful that it was not yet cost-effective in the United States for them to replace the jobs presently held by high school and college students and others just looking for a job to try and provide for their family while searching for something better.  That was until now.

In 2016, Washington DC passed legislation to increase the minimum wage annually until it reaches $15.00 an hour in 2020.  The result has been akin to watching a tractor trailer without a steering wheel play chicken with a well-meaning liberal on a moped.

The crash was only a matter of time, felt like a speed bump to one, and the other is still clueless as to what happened.

That legislation has recently resulted in the installation of order and payment machines like those pictured above and the impending loss of numerous jobs.  Ed Rensi, McDonald’s prior USA President for 13 years warned that this minimum wage increase “will mean wiping out thousands of entry-level opportunities for people without many other options.” But just like the eerie music in horror flicks, that warning went unheeded.

I only have one question for those short-sighted government leaders and restaurant union employees who fought for this legislation:  Which pays more and has better benefits, a minimum wage job or unemployment?

This year I nominate government leaders in Washington DC for the first-ever figurative Darwin Award.

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Delegate Glenn Davis is a public servant, business owner, and serial entrepreneur. Glenn began his entrepreneurial career in a one-bedroom apartment in Virginia Beach, Virginia. There, he started his first company, a telecommunications management firm which soon became a leading telecom business garnering many awards and in 2007 was named by the Inc. 5000 as one of the 100 fastest growing IT companies in America. In the Virginia General Assembly, Glenn is one of Virginia’s leading advocates for economic development, regulatory and tax reform, and helping grow Virginia’s small businesses. His initiatives in these areas have earned him multiple awards and honors from the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, including Freshman Legislator of the Year in 2014. Glenn represents the 84th House of Delegates District in the Virginia General Assembly. He is a graduate of the EO/MIT Entrepreneurial Master’s program, a graduate of the University of Virginia's Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership, a member and past president of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization of Southeast Virginia, has served as Chairman of Junior Achievement of Greater Hampton Roads, and sits on the Board of Governors of Green Run Collegiate, a charter school connected to the Green Run community where he grew up.