Gillespie’s Sanctuary Cities Ad Causes Northam Panic


Democrat Ralph Northam is begging voters not to believe Ed Gillespie’s latest ad targeting his record on sanctuary cities.

The Northam campaign is out with an ad in Roanoke saying Ed Gillespie’s new ad slamming Northam for supporting sanctuary cities in Virginia “isn’t true.”

The panicked turnaround of this hastily cut spot shows the Gillespie campaign has found a message they know hurts Northam. It’s a testament to the disciplined campaign being run by the team.

But you’ll notice that even in his attempted refutation of the Gillespie ad, Ralph Northam doesn’t address the central fact. Ralph Northam cast the deciding vote against a bill that would ban sanctuary cities in Virginia.

So Ralph’s ad totally misses the point. If Ralph Northam is governor and an illegal immigrant commits a violent crime in Virginia, he or she is free to remain on the streets after they’ve served their time. Ed Gillespie would make sure state and local law enforcement cooperate with the federal government to make sure they are deported.

It’s a clear contrast between Gillespie’s law and order campaign message versus Ralph Northam’s risky policies.