Democratic candidate Jennifer Wexton, who’s running to unseat Republican Barbara Comstock (VA-10) this November, is getting some fundraising help this year from former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. This is, of course, the same Michael Bloomberg who, just days ago, made dismissive comments about the #Metoo movement, and even questioned the allegations of sexual harassment against now-disgraced journalist Charlie Rose.

The fundraising event is hosted by Emily’s List, the pro-abortion advocacy group. Of course, Emily’s List brands themselves as a pro-choice organization, which is proper connotation according to the “AP Stylebook.” However, we’re not The Associated Press – we’ll tell it how it really is.

Regardless, Wexton, an Emily’s List-endorsed candidate, has repeatedly hit Comstock with allegations that “she is not to be trusted by the millions of sexual harassment and abuse victims who so clearly need a champion fighting for them,” according to a report from The Washington Post. However, it seems that Wexton has suffered from yet another episode of hypocrisy-itis.

The Northern Virginia Republican has been tirelessly working on legislation to combat sexual harassment, one of her top agenda items in office. From combating harassment in the airline industry, federal agencies, and even the House of Representatives, Comstock has been one of the top allies for those who have been sexually harassed.

This is common for Wexton, though. She frequently attempts to profit off of certain situations – like being paid by a labor union to stay silent about the proposed Metro worker strike – to get ahead in the congressional race. It seems that she may not have any type of standards, only wishing to seek power.

After all, she’ll be profiting off of billionaire Bloomberg who said in an interview with The New York Times, “The stuff I read about [Charlie Rose] is disgraceful ― I don’t know how true all of it is.”

So, does Wexton share the same values as Bloomberg? Does Emily’s List – the organization that seeks to elect women to office? If Wexton wishes to support those who “so clearly need a champion fighting for them,” survivors of sexual abuse and harassment, shouldn’t she back away from #Metoo denier Bloomberg?