Infrogmation via Wikimedia Commons

A judge granted a temporary restraining order allowing mask mandates to remain in Northern Virginia schools for now.

The ruling follows Gov. Youngkin’s executive order allowing parents to opt-out of school mask mandates. (Fox News)

The decision comes after seven school boards requested a temporary restraining order in a lawsuit to block Youngkin’s order which allows parents to decide what’s best for their children.

“Having addressed all aspects of whether a temporary restraining order should issue, the Court concludes that the School Boards’ Motion for a Temporary Restraining Order with regard to optional masking of children should be granted,” Arlington Circuit Court Judge Louise DiMatteo wrote in a Friday ruling. “To the extent that the public would be affected by a change in policy, the Court concludes that consistency, during the pendency of a court case, benefits the public interest.”

The school boards that took part in the legal battle include: Alexandria City, Arlington County, City of Richmond, Fairfax County, Falls Church City, Hampton City and Prince William County. Combined, those school districts represent more than 350,000 students and nearly 50,000 teachers and staff.

Following the judge’s decision, Macaulay Porter, a spokesperson for Youngkin, released a statement and vowed to appeal the ruling, saying the ability for parents to decide what is best for their children in school is something Youngkin will continue to fight for.