A new lawsuit from Center for Applied Innovation, LLC (CAI) is claiming that the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) is violating the governor’s orders and is suing the school.

The Lawsuit alleges that VMI’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) training through NewPoint is considered to be critical race theory (CRT), and is in direct violation of Governor Glenn Youngkin’s executive order which bans CRT from being taught in K-12 schools.

Jacqueline Hart is a VMI parent who has been speaking with other concerned parents about this, and they are astounded to learn what they’re children are being taught.

“So that’s what we these cadets are being forced to do, to ascribe to critical race theory, and they don’t believe in it,” Hart said, “But the model is you’re supposed to fall in line. The two things we heard the most is they think it’s useless and a waste of time and they’re very angry that they’re even having to deal with this.”

VMI said in a statement regarding the lawsuit:

“We will not be doing interviews on this issue. VMI is currently working with the Attorney General’s office to review the complaint and will file an appropriate response with the court in the near future.”

So far, Attorney General Miyares has not responded to the lawsuit, however, hopefully schools will think twice before trying to push this useless agenda onto students.