As if to remind the rest of us how truly obtuse Virginia Democrats really are, apparently “ripping babies away from their mothers” like this is straight up fascism:

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But ripping babies into six pieces and selling their body parts on the open market?

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…is the sort of violence Planned Parenthood and their ilk choose to celebrate.

As pro-life measures have been sweeping the nation in places such as Iowa, Texas, and elsewhere, Planned Parenthood and their merchants know that they can only keep the lie up for so long.

Their grand solution?  Go on the defensive and rush women — some of whom may be scared, pressured, underage or simply misled by staff who just gotta meet those quotas — into doing the unthinkable.  In short, since making life-and-death decisions should be as easy as buying an app on iTunes, Planned Parenthood would rather women hurry it up and kill their babies make that decision right now.  From WTOP’s Max Smith:

The suit relies on a landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling issued two years ago to argue that Virginia laws requiring that only doctors perform abortions, requiring a waiting period, and requiring that second-trimester abortions be performed in hospitals, are collectively violating federal constitutional rights.

The plaintiffs — Falls Church Healthcare Center, Whole Woman’s Health Alliance, A Capital Women’s Health Clinic and Virginia League for Planned Parenthood — argue the laws do not help patient safety and are not supported by medical evidence.

The suit, supported by the Center for Reproductive Rights, is part of a broader strategy from abortion-rights groups that is challenging not just new abortion restrictions as they are passed, but older laws that have been on the books for years.

Now just in case you were wondering why the abortion industry has been fighting common sense provisions such as actually performing an ultrasound before weaponizing medicine, or holding the local abortion barn up to the same cleanliness and medical standards as modern dentistry, or flagrantly violating the spirit of the law while McAuliffe was governor by refusing to implement common sense regulations… well, it’s mostly because they are losing money hand over fist as executive salaries soar into the mid-to-high six figures, women figure out that Planned Parenthood exists to profit off of their pain, and Planned Parenthood continues to close clinics — over 30 in the last year to a record low 660 clinics as of 2018.

This of course didn’t stop Planned Parenthood from dropping $3 million on Democratic governor Ralph Northam and his ill-run campaign for higher office.  Blood money, it seems, spends just as well as any other money… and Northam will now be required by his political masters to grease the skids for the abortion industry in Virginia.

Hence the new assault on babies and their mothers.  Among the demands that the abortion industry is pushing for through the courts (and not the legislature) are an end to the 24-hour waiting period before having an abortion, as well as the requirement for second-trimester abortions after 24-weeks to be performed in a hospital (yes — they still happen in Virginia) — a regulation imposed by the Virginia General Assembly back in 1975.

House Republicans were first and strongest to come out against the federal lawsuit, and unfortunately, all eyes turn to Democratic Attorney General Mark Herring — the same Herring who so famously refused to defend the Virginia Constitution back in 2014.  From the House press release:

“Protecting the right to life is a fundamental obligation of government enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, our nation’s own birth certificate. To that end, Virginia has commonsense laws to protect mothers and unborn children, including restrictions on late-term abortions, strong informed consent statutes, and reasonable medical regulations that will undoubtedly be upheld in federal court if adequately defended by the Attorney General.

“The 24-hour waiting period being challenged has been the law of the land for nearly two decades, upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States in Planned Parenthood v. Casey. The abdominal ultrasound law being challenged is medically necessary, the current standard of practice among physicians, and less invasive than the transvaginal ultrasounds often conducted by Planned Parenthood prior to performing an abortion.

“We strongly urge Attorney General Mark Herring to defend the laws of the Commonwealth with the full force of his office. Should he once again neglect his duty to do so, the Speaker will consider using his authority to hire counsel to defend the law on behalf of the House of Delegates.”

The Virginia Senate Republicans have yet to issue a statement yet, but one expects the statement to be equally strong and emphatic — despite concerns that Herring will once again pick up his briefcase and set it on the opposition’s desk.

Yet for all the protestations from liberals and people who celebrate the act of carving up babies into six pieces and selling their body parts on the open market, they really just can’t help themselves.  After all, given the fact that Planned Parenthood drops their abortion clinics where the market tells them to — minority communities and college campuses — this is who they really are.

Hopefully the Office of the Attorney General will defend Virginia’s laws this time.  Should Herring decline to do so, Speaker Cox and the House Republicans may be the only bulwark against liberal attempts to kills future taxpayers and deny human beings the basic right to exist — if not through the legislature, then always through the courts.

Shame on them, truly.  Shame on us if we don’t have the moral fortitude to stop them.