I am a national security expert and have held the highest security clearances. 

There is no question in my mind that Don Beyer is compromised.

Let me walk you through why, and how.

My opponent’s Congressional office was recently exposed as having secret ties to the Chinese government. This is beyond concerning and no time for hyperbole. So let’s stick to the facts.

VA-08 is home to the Pentagon in the CIA.

Don Beyer was forced to fire his staffer who was confirmed to be working for the Chinese Embassy. At a bare minimum, this was the right thing to do.

Still, this issue is far bigger than a staffer being fired. We must talk about the ties between Don Beyer and his direct legislative impacts on China.

Beyer sits on the Ways and Means Committee which writes tax and trade policy. Let’s examine some of these policies.

Don Beyer has written and passed legislation impacting semiconductor chips. The raw materials for those parts come from China. Don Beyer has made 102% return on his semiconductor stocks after writing and passing this bill. Don Beyer and China are getting rich, while the rest of us suffer inflation and high gas prices.

Let’s look at electric vehicles.

Cobalt and lithium are mined in northern Africa by Chinese-owned mines using slave labor and are key minerals for EV batteries. Don Beyer wrote and passed legislation with EV tax credits, which directly benefited China at the expense of the American worker. Why can’t we harvest those minerals here? Because the Beyer-Biden policies prevent us from domestic mining. 

Let’s talk about solar.

Don Beyer has drafted and passed solar tax credits. The component parts and the polysilicon for solar panels come from Xinxiang province in China, where its extracted using Uighur Muslim slave labor.

The entire Beyer-Biden climate agenda depends on a robust Chinese supply chain and is making China richer. We also know his national progressive donors are anti-drilling and anti-fossil fuel. They support keeping us from mining rare earth minerals here in the US and forcing us to use a renewable energy supply chain that directly benefits China.

Who suffers? You, the American consumer, and our defense sector right here in Northern Virginia suffers. This is unacceptable.

This is not hyperbole; these are the facts we know. But we clearly don’t have the answers. Therefore, I am calling for a full Congressional investigation at a bare minimum, and for Don Beyer to officially step down from his committees until that investigation is allowed to conclude. At a minimum this is what must occur to ensure Northern Virginia, our assets, and the United States are not compromised.

If the voters in Northern Virginia can take away one thing from my comments, it’s that this is not a joke. This is not about me winning an election. This is about our national security and China is not joking here. This is a very serious matter and there is no uncertainty here: Don Beyer and his office are now severely compromised, and based on his willful ignorance or lapse of judgment, he must be voted out of office.

Karina Lipsman is the nominee for Virginia’s 8th Congressional District. Lipsman’s story is the American Dream. She is a refugee immigrant from Odesa, Ukraine. When she arrived in America, she did not speak English, survived on food stamps, and lived in low-income housing in Baltimore City. She resigned from a 14-year career in the U.S. defense and intelligence community and is now running to continue her service to our country. Visit KarinaforCongress.com to learn more about her.