Democrats are doing their best version of a happy dance as last-minute donations fudge the numbers for Northam.

Small problem with that.  When you start smashing all the numbers together from the Democratic Governors Association (DGA Action) and the Republican Governors Association (A Stronger Virginia), the numbers start evening out a bit.

When you add in the resources of the Republican National Committee against a moribund and listless DNC?  Gillespie’s calm in the face of Northam’s bailout has all the hallmarks of a comedy reel.

Some numbers for folks to muse upon:

Virginia COH Without DGA/RGA:

Northam: $4,615,156
Gillespie: $600,351

Total Cash on Hand (including DGA/RGA funds):

Northam: $5,615,156
Gillespie:  $2,600,351 + $1,751,187 = $4,351,538

National Party Fundraising:

DNC: $41.9 million
RNC: $86.5 million

National Party COH:

DNC: $6.9 million ($3.4 million debt)
RNC: $47 million (no debt)

Short version?  RNC could come in with twice the amount of the $1.3 million “gap” and still have money to spend.  Meanwhile, the DNC couldn’t help even if it wanted to.

This doesn’t take into effect independent expenditures — outside resources from groups such as Planned Parenthood (on the left) and Americans For Prosperity (on the right) who will undoubtedly play ball in a race where Gillespie is showing remarkable strength.

There are $47 million good reasons for the Democrats to worry, and $47 million good reasons for Republicans to laugh as Northam’s donors throw good money after bad.