Author  recently visited Virginia to address military spouses at Fort Belvoir.

London has been on a speaking tour over the past few months, seeking to pass along her late husband’s lessons on leadership to the next generation, via a new book “Ever Vigilant.”

She co-authored the work with her husband Jack Phillip London before his death in 2021 and the work was released last year.

Jack Philip London dedicated his life and professional career to establishing CACI, one of the prominent defense contracting firms in the United States.

Dr. J. Phillip London, an esteemed graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy in 2019 and a retired Navy Captain, became a revered figure in the government contracting industry. Known for his patriotism and military background, he left a lasting impact on the field. In his memoir, “Ever Vigilant: Leadership and Legacy by the Executive Chairman of CACI,” Dr. Jennifer London, his spouse, shares the inspiring tale of triumph and excellence. She continues to promote the book’s valuable leadership lessons through her speaking engagements.

During the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Maryland earlier this spring, Jennifer London sat down with American Liberty News for an interview.

London told American Liberty News then that ‘taking accountability and owning your vision, whether the outcome is negative to themselves or positive is something top leaders are able to do. This is something that President Kennedy outlined in his book ‘Profiles in Courage’, and something that Jack learned from his role models – four-star admirals from WWII – who made decisions based on whether it was right, not concerned about how it would impact them.”

In addition to her roles as an author and speaker, Dr. Jennifer London is the president of her own consulting firm. Her firm specializes in evaluating and developing potential customers nationwide, assisting in the expansion of markets for various companies, ranging from private businesses to Fortune 100 corporations. While actively engaged in military and patriotic initiatives, Dr. Jennifer London dedicates a significant portion of her time to these endeavors. As a result, the proceeds from the book’s sales contribute to U.S. Navy-affiliated charities. Recently, Jennifer London was appointed as the honorary chair of the Navy League Foundation Board of Directors.