Arlington County uploaded and derivative work: MrPanyGoff via Wikimedia Commons

Videos of radical liberals harassing Republicans at the polls have taken social media, primarily X, formerly Twitter by storm this election day.

One such video was posted by Arlington GOP Chairman Matthew Hurtt and had amassed nearly 5 million views by midday.

In the video –  which has also been posted to the Arlington Republicans Facebook page – Hurtt was confronted while handing out Republican sample ballots outside of a polling site Tuesday morning.


The transcript of the exchange is as follows:

Voter: You f***ing people tried to overthrow the election. Might  as well have been walking up to my head on the way to the f***ing polling station and putting a gun to my head trying to tell me not to vote.  You expect me to not take that  f***ing  personally. You  f***ing try to overthrow elections with violence and then you’re out here among decent people?

Hurtt: Thanks for coming out today.

Voter: What do you have to say to that, huh ? And what’s on your f***ing, what’s on your f***ing, what are your your policy prescriptions?

Hurtt: Have a nice day; you have already voted.

Voter: F***ing racists’ rights? Involving yourself in people’s f***ing families? In their f***ing bedrooms?

Hurtt: That’s pretty wild.

Voter: You f***ing animal. You try to steal my vote next year, I’m gonna f***ing remember you personally.

Hurtt: Thank You.

Voter:  In fact, I’m taking a f***ing picture of you. Is that alright? Do I have permission?

Hurtt: Yeah, you can. It’s a one-party consent state.

Voter: Yeah, one-party state. You want a f***ing one-Party country is what you want.

A video of another incident was shared by the Prince William County Young Republicans on X.

The subject of that video, presumably another Democrat voter said “All MAGA needs to go to GITMO. You Republican MAGA f**otts are scum. You’re scum buddy.”

There is only one way to prove to radical leftists that their lawlessness must stop. Vote them out of office. All of them, and take our country and our Commonwealth back. I hope you are all planning to do that today.