SOLID: Gillespie Brings Things Back To Center In Must-See Ad


You really can’t say enough good things about this new Gillespie ad airing in Northern Virginia media markets.  From the campaign:

The ad is the first of the general election to air in the Washington, D.C. media market. Previous ads have been running in markets across Virginia. 

“The son of an immigrant, Ed worked his way through college as a Senate parking lot attendant and later became Counselor to the President of the United States,” said campaign manager Chris Leavitt. “Now he’s running for governor to ensure the next generation can do better than the generation that came before them by putting forward policies that will allow all Virginians to fulfill themselves and pursue their dreams whatever that dream may be.”

Given the nonsense that the left is passing off as discourse nowadays, it’s sobering to see Gillespie hammer home what this election is really about: jobs, the economy, and an equal opportunity for all Virginians.