The Washington Post’s Laura Vozella has a few interesting tidbits after a series of pressure groups gate crashed a joint forum with Democrat Ralph Northam:

“Ed!” a man yelled from the back of the auditorium. “Reports confirm ICE [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement] wants to deport 10,000 migrants!”

A woman chimed in: “They want to deport all of us, all of the migrants! What are you going to do?”

A handful of protesters tried to get a chant going — “Not one more de-por-ta-tion!” – but were ushered out before it could really catch on.

Is anyone else really tired of that sort of direct action from paid activists?  Just a little bit of decorum (and a little less attention from the press) would go a long way.

Nevertheless, Gillespie shared President Trump’s sentiment that DACA recipients should not be deported — a fact seemingly missed by most mainstream media outlets.

Of course, the true core of the conversation isn’t the legal status of DACA recipients at all, but rather the unconstitutional methods used by the Obama administration to bypass the Congress in granting them their stay.

Then there’s the editorialization:

Gillespie’s stance on immigration is complicated – as is his relationship to President Trump. To beat Northam in November, Gillespie needs the support of both Trump voters in the state as well as moderates.

In truth, it’s not complicated at all.  Obey the law; follow the process.

As for moderates and Trump voters, both are shocked and appalled by Antifa violence, mobs beating reporters, and bands of paid activists interrupting political events for sheer gain.

Norham’s juggling act is whether he supports the call for what McCain termed a resumption of “regular order” rather than extralegal overreach and judicial activism.  At the moment, both Northam and Herring appear to be the echo of an Obama-era progressive lawlessness that has worn thin across the electorate.