Governor Youngkin has amended a bill that puts all nine Loudoun County School Board members on the ballot during this year’s November election cycle, a year earlier than planned, alluding to his administration’s ongoing investigation into how the school system handled sexual assaults.

“Having accountability and transparency with regards to who represents the parents on the school board is really important,” Youngkin said. “I amended the bill and this is a great chance to allow parents to express their will in selecting their school board this year.”Youngkin told 7 News.

This amendment comes after the Loudoun County School Board has faced a slew of controversies. From parents charging that the school system was teaching critical race theory, to multiple instances of sexual assault, “There have been some challenges with the Loudoun County School Board,” Youngkin said in an interview regarding the change. Sexual assault cases in the School system seem to have been mishandled, with Virginia’s attorney general, Jason Miyares, saying that the school system “covered up a sexual assault on school grounds for political gain, leading to an additional assault of a young girl.”

We’ll see what happens to this school board when the election comes around this November, and hopefully some changes can be made to prevent any more horrible things from happening to the children who go there.