Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Norfolk Police Officer William Kelly Deserves His Job Back

My grandfather used to tell me that what separated the United States from the Soviet Union was this single principle. You see, in the United...

Marshall Plan For Rural Localities Requires Reform, Not Just Cash

A cash infusion for Virginia's community colleges is a start... but when linked to workforce development and microfinance? It's a solution.

The Final Frontier in the Sexual Revolution?

Of course, I blame the philosophy of existentialism. It’s this philosophy that preaches the supreme virtue in any person is to be authentic above all else – to be true to yourself, no matter what your “self” is or might be.

Contentious, But Not Decisive?

This year's Virginia General Assembly is set to give off a great deal of heat, but little light -- and for the worst reasons possible.

So How Bad Is It?

Don't expect national Democrats to throw good money after bad.  After all, why should they?

One. Additional. Gripe.

There was an angrier version of this analysis I had prepared. One that placed the blame squarely on the shoulders of those who would...

Commonwealth’s Attorney Wanted to Jail Alleged Female Student Victim’s Father

Loudoun County voters first elected Buta Biberaj as their commonwealth's attorney in 2019. She won on a platform that emphasized avoiding incarcerating criminals. Despite...

Prominent Democrat’s Election Postmortem Gets It Exactly Right Again

Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-Va.) had a stark warning for members of her party in the aftermath of the Democrats' underwhelming performance in the House...

Who Elected Ralph Northam Pope?

Northam's foray into religion cloaks an underhanded effort to manipulate the public rather than deal with Virginians as adults.

HANER: Youngkin to Withdraw from RGGI, End Carbon Tax

Youngkin's commitment to end the carbon tax is a net win for Virginia ratepayers, writes TJIPP's Stephen Haner.