Saturday, March 25, 2023

Hire Ed for Higher Ed!

Gilespie's plan is centered upon two key aspects: Creating a higher education reserve and implementing a performance-based funding system for higher ed.

PARRISH: Opportunity Abounds for Republicans In Diversity Engagement

Republicans in Virginia have a golden opportunity to reach minority voters, writes former PWGOP Chairman Tim Parrish, but it is going to take more than one-off visits to earn that support.

CRESPO: Thousands of Unborn Lives Saved In Dobbs Aftermath

While the establishment media, partisan Democrats, and the left in general, have been raving madly about abortion rights since the Dobbs Supreme Court decision...

Time For TRS Debate Bingo!

The truth shall take wing.

HOLSWORTH: State of the Race

Bob Holsworth gives Virginians his "State of the Race" report for 20 September 2021.

DANNENFELSER: Northam Doesn’t Deserve Your Vote

Dannenfelser: "We need a governor of Virginia who can hear and see the truth of the humanity of these small, precious human beings."

LINGAMFELTER: Wexton’s Loophole for Predatory Drug Dealers

If you elect Jennifer Wexton to Congress, don’t be surprised with criminals breathe a sigh of relief, writes Lingamfelter.

Poll Shows Youngkin Leading Among Hispanic Voters by Ten

Democrats have a big problem with Latino voters. Despite coming up short in the 2020 presidential election, counties in South Texas and...

HANER: Richmond City May Cancel Gas Service For Its Citizens, Henrico and Chesterfield

The City of Richmond is about to cancel a service to the region that puts $10 million in revenue into city coffers. For the children.

Spanberger Embraces “Spray Tran” Supremacist Rhetoric in VA-07 Clash

Virginia Democrats alongside the DCCC and their allies double down on the "spray tan" supremacist narrative.