Monday, June 27, 2022

VERNUCCIO: Lawmaker Introduces Bills Protecting Workplace Freedom

Del. Nick Freitas, R-Culpeper, has introduced a suite of bills to help protect the rights of public employees, promote union democracy and protect taxpayers.

Hire Ed for Higher Ed!

Gilespie's plan is centered upon two key aspects: Creating a higher education reserve and implementing a performance-based funding system for higher ed.

A Vile Attack on Del. Rocky Holcomb and his Family

  In past elections, we've asked our "independent" and "moderate" friends to consider our Republican candidates based on the issues. However, on this election eve,...

DANIELS: Humpty Dumpty’s Theorem and Political Argument: Spanberger’s Equivocal Case for Congress

Ms. Spanberger negates her case for Congress by engaging in forms of language manipulation that corrupt her ethic of representation, excluding those who do not embrace her vision of community.

Why Theology Matters

Theology matters because it recognizes that there is ultimity and universality.

A New Day for Virginia

I moved to Virginia in November of 2008 to take a job in the railroad industry. The Virginia I found was quite an interesting...
gun control

Democrats Are Working to Price Americans Out Of Their Second Amendment Rights

President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats are doing their best to price Americans out of their ability to exercise their Second Amendment rights. The Biden Administration is reportedly looking to...

Creative Disruption Will Save Conservatism

We can't just have Friedman and Reagan on our reading lists, we have to have Hunter S. Thompson and Steve Jobs on it as well.
dominion energy

HANER: Dominion Trims Clean Power Costs by Removing Reliable Energy

Democratic visions of green energy aren't being fueled by windmills but with higher rates passed on to you, writes TJIPP's Steve Haner.

“Fake News” and Media Violence in 19th Century Danville

On September 20, 1836, James M. Smith – younger brother to William “Extra Billy” Smith – published an account in the Lynchburg Virginian accusing the Danville Reporter of libel against his brother.