Friday, March 1, 2024
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Northern Virginia Republicans Firm On Stadium Stance: No Bullying Into Bad Deal

As GOP leaders in the 8th Congressional District and Northern Virginia, we feel compelled to stand on principle. As Republican leaders in Northern Virginia, we...

HANER: Progressive Democrats Suddenly Fine With Regressive Sales, Payroll Taxes

A piece of Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin’s tax package has survived after all, but only the part that increases the sales tax base to...

HANER: Virginia Democrats Preserve California’s Electric Car Mandate

Virginia Democrats promise to review the California mandates, writes Haner, but the question as to why Virginia is allowing California to write the rules remains a key issue.

MAX: Youngkin Joins The “No Car Tax” Movement

Welcome to the bandwagon, writes TJIPP's Derrick Max.

HANER: Successful Tax Reform Requires Allies, Governor

Eliminating the car tax is a great idea, writes Haner, but doing it through a sales tax hike -- and without consulting conservatives -- is a bad idea.

LINGAMFELTER: Beware of Deceitful Language in Politics

The twisting of words and their meanings is used extensively to deceive people concerning numerous topics, writes Lingamfelter. Consider these few.

PARISOT: Guarantee Proportional Seating in General Assembly Committees

Want more seats on committees? Don't artificially stack them, writes Parisot, but win more elections.

COLDWATER: Team Biden Aims To Darken Holidays Forever

Progressive elves at the Department of Energy are working in lockstep with fringe environmentalists... ‘Twas the week before Christmas...

FERGUSON: Biden Blasted By Bipartisan Group Of Lawmakers Over Purely Political Decision

In a rare show of bipartisanship in Congress, both Republican and Democrat lawmakers allege the site of the FBI’s palatial new headquarters...

LEAHY: Department Of Defense Fails To Pass Another Audit

A news story that should surprise no one: for the sixth year in a row, the Department of Defense has failed to...