Monday, October 2, 2023
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LEAHY: New Poll Shows Trump With A Lead Over Biden, But What Does This...

If we ever needed a more appropriate symbol of the current political climate, it’s the one that arrived on the front page...

CORTEZ: Moral Courage Needed When Combatting Child Trafficking

Moral courage can end the political derision destroying Latin community values in the advent of Hispanic Heritage Month., writes Daniel Cortez.

HORN: 9/11 at 22

Sanforn Horn asks whether or not we are forgetting the salient lessons of 9/11.

HANER: Tax Reductions Under Youngkin Have Been Significant

Youngkin took some baby steps, writes TJIPP's Steve Haner, but the big step of indexing Virginia's tax code to inflation still awaits.

LEAHY: Post-Debate Survey Has Nothing But Bad News For Crowded Republican Primary Field

Labor Day weekend was long held as a signal that political campaigns were about to get fully, completely, underway.

CORTEZ: Ending Human Trafficking Should Be Multi-Partisan Concern

Just because Republicans are leading the charge against sex trafficking shouldn't mean that Democrats instinctively oppose it, writes Daniel Cortez.

HANER: Only One Army Showing Up in War Over Fossil Fuels

The ban on fossil fuels to drive Virginia's energy economy isn't just making electric bills more expensive, but is undermining energy security in pursuit of a sentiment bordering the religious, writes TJIPP's Haner.

LEAHY: Major Report On Individual Tax Accounts Released – Was Yours Affected?

A new report from the Treasury inspector general for Tax Administration found that millions of sensitive, individual tax records have gone missing.

PRIOR: Juan Pablo Segura and the Perils of Educational Reform in Virginia

For several years, parents in Loudoun County, Virginia have been clamoring for accountability, transparency, higher standards, and safety in their schools. They haven’t been...

HANER: Senators Claim “Voodoo Estimating” in Battle Over Tax Cuts

Voters need to be clearly asked which they prefer, asks TJIPP's Stephen Haner: additional tax cuts coupled with substantial growth in spending, or an even higher uptick in spending with no relief to the taxpayer.