Saturday, February 4, 2023
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LINGAMFELTER: Virginia General Assembly and Congress: A tale of two legislatures

This month, two legislatures convened within 90 miles of each other. Following a raucous start, the U.S. House of Representatives — along with a...

CORTEZ: Character, Not Equity, Should Be the Measure of Merit

Conversation and education are the only measures that can prevail against pandering and discrimination, writes Daniel Cortez.

SEARS: Education Success Accounts Can Be Lifelines To Help Parents Succeed

“The first step in solving a problem is recognizing that it exists.” -- Zig Ziglar. Education provides a hope and a future. Education has been...
dominion energy

HANER: Complex Energy Bill Will Raise Costs to Customers

The Virginia General Assembly may be captured by fights over abortion and taxes, writes TJIPP's Steve Haner, but the deepest reach into your pockets will involve your energy bills.

LINGAMFELTER: Economics 101

Recently I learned that the fast food chain McDonald’s will be further automating their ordering system. Now they will need fewer people. I don’t patron fast-food...


This week a restaurant in Richmond, Virginia decided to refuse service to a faith-based organization that holds constitutionally permissible beliefs that servers in that...

LIPSMAN: Republicans Can’t Afford To Ignore Gen-Z Voters

Ellen Walter, founder of The Walter Group and former Senior Youngkin advisor recently published an op-ed on how Republicans must learn that voters aged...

LINGAMFELTER: Virginia’s Northam Learning Gap

It should surprise no one. After the ill-conceived March 2020 closing of Virginia’s public schools by former Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam, it should have been...

BOWDEN: Virginia’s History and Social Sciences Choice

The 402-page woke Virginia education curriculum are set to be replaced by a historically factual 53-page guideline that actually teaches Virginia history, writes Bowden. They couldn't come at a better time.

LIPSMAN: Beyer Is Compromised, Vote Accordingly

I am a national security expert and have held the highest security clearances.  There is no question in my mind that Don Beyer is compromised. Let...