Thursday, August 18, 2022
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OP-ED: Virginians Deserve a Motorist Bill of Rights

The Motorist Bill of Rights would not only fight crony capitalism but help restore integrity and trust in government.

VERNUCCIO: Build Back Better Would Have Wrecked Right To Work

Warner and Kaine have had a reprieve at the electoral gallows thanks to Manchin tanking the Biden tax plan.

HANER: Youngkin to Withdraw from RGGI, End Carbon Tax

Youngkin's commitment to end the carbon tax is a net win for Virginia ratepayers, writes TJIPP's Stephen Haner.

CORTEZ: Don’t Let Old Acquaintances Be Forgot In 2022

As Youngkin continues to build his brain trust, be careful of the political gate crashers who will heap scorn the moment they don't get what they want, writes Daniel Cortez.

ALLEN: Don’t Let Government Stupidity Stop You from Making a Smart Choice

Empowering ourselves with this lifesaving vaccine is not only the best way to protect our own health — it’s also the best way to deprive further political oxygen to those who would force more panicked restrictions and overreach on us.

LINGAMFELTER: Big Men, Small Men

The contrast between President Harry Truman and President Joe Biden is stark.

HOLSWORTH: State of the Race

Bob Holsworth gives Virginians his "State of the Race" report for 20 September 2021.

LINGAMFELTER: September 11th and One Score Ago

We are in a generational war with Islamic radicalism that will not cease unless we cease resisting. It’s all about will.

KENNEY: In Defense of Our Second Place Trophies

Marse Robert may be gone from Richmond, but let’s not forget that Lee’s example helped Virginians become Americans again.

PARRISH: Unity Is The Critical Course of Action for Virginia Republicans

The Republican Party is at the stage of determining its survival, by either crushing this division or falling victim to its cancerous inculcation.