Sunday, January 19, 2020
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DANIELS: Humpty Dumpty’s Theorem and Political Argument: Spanberger’s Equivocal Case for Congress

Ms. Spanberger negates her case for Congress by engaging in forms of language manipulation that corrupt her ethic of representation, excluding those who do not embrace her vision of community.

LINGAMFELTER: Wexton’s Loophole for Predatory Drug Dealers

If you elect Jennifer Wexton to Congress, don’t be surprised with criminals breathe a sigh of relief, writes Lingamfelter.

GOCHENOUR: Dare To Serve

As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. articulated, “Everyone can be great because anyone can serve... You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”

LINGAMFELTER: Abolishing ICE Is Politically Self-Destructive For Democrats

In calling for the abolition of ICE, the Democrats have embarked on the most politically self-destructing adventures of the last two decades.

DOVE: Deterrence, Detection, Denial Are Three Best Keys To School Safety.

Hardening school infrastructure is an imperative, writes Republican Jeff Dove (VA-11), and it can be done with three tried and true tactics: detect, deter, and deny.

REEVES: Put Virginia First, Confirm Haspel

Gina Hapsel's nomination shouldn't be held hostage to Mark Warner's political gamesmanship, writes State Senator Bryce Reeves (R-17).

SCHILLING: Albemarle Students Exposed To Shocking “How-To” Videos In Mandatory Sex Ed Program

Two classes of ninth-grade females at Western Albemarle High School (WAHS) in Crozet, Virginia, recently were exposed in a classroom lesson to explicit “how-to” videos on male and female sexual pleasure.

GOCHENOUR: Rediscovering The Virginia Way

This is the Commonwealth... this is the Virginia Way.  This is what must be offered up again to the benefit of our mutual posterity.

LINGAMFELTER: Don’t Blame House Republicans For The Big Blue Wave

Blame a razor thin 51-49 margin and a 15 member forfeit in 2017 for imposing new political realities on Richmond and the General Assembly.

BACON: One Man’s Descent into Healthcare Price Opacity

We know how to get to a single-payer health system but we don't know yet how to get to a market-based health system.