Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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LINGAMFELTER: Don’t Blame House Republicans For The Big Blue Wave

Blame a razor thin 51-49 margin and a 15 member forfeit in 2017 for imposing new political realities on Richmond and the General Assembly.

BACON: One Man’s Descent into Healthcare Price Opacity

We know how to get to a single-payer health system but we don't know yet how to get to a market-based health system.

HAYMORE: Energy Improvements Critical To Virginia Economy

Our antiquated one-way transmission lines require an upgrade in an era of solar panels, rechargeable vehicles, and hardening against electromagnetic threat.

SCHILLING: Where Did VA-05 Democrat Huffstetler Pick Up That Accent?

Funny that R.D. Huffstetler didn't have that Southside Virginia accent back in 2013...

STALLMAN: Virginia’s Family Farms Are Fighting For Their Lives

Stallman argues the additional costs imposed by two pieces of legislation not only impact property rights, but put Virginia's small farms on the ropes.

WILKES: Death Sentence To Virginia Family Farms Looms in General Assembly

HB 825 and HB 962 are daggers at the heart of Virginia's farmers, interfering in their ability to contract with their neighbors for foods from the farm.

SCHILLING: Charlottesville’s Bellamy Pushes Jail Board To Spurn ICE Immigration Enforcement

Bellamy’s quest for lawlessness is not Charlottesville’s first foray into resisting federal immigration policies.

LINGAMFELTER: A Plain Reading of the Constitution is Plainly Needed

Delegate Dawn Adams' role as a high-level state employee is an open conflict of interest, one the General Assembly should immediately remedy via statute.

MEYER: When We Needed Her Most On I-66 Tolls, Wexton Didn’t Show Up

Democratic State Senator Jennifer Wexton was supposed to show up to take a tough vote in support of #TerryTolls -- and took a dive instead.


Snyder: "Mark my words, in these chaotic times, Virginians are looking for strong, inspirational results-oriented leadership."