Sunday, May 28, 2023

Shifting the True Costs of Marijuana Legalization to Taxpayers Isn’t Liberty but License

EDITORS NOTE: Many years ago, I had the privilege of working for the US Drug Enforcement Administration with the Office of Diversion Control. The opinions...

As Russian Nuke War Risk Rises – Concern Over Putin’s ‘Dead Hand’ Doomsday Device

The stalled Russian offensive into Ukraine has raised the risk of ‘Vlad the Invader’ Putin choosing to use tactical nukes to ensure victory. As ADN has reported Russia has...

LINGAMFELTER: Who is “Other?”

If you are like many other people, you have come to the realization that the political divide we now witness in America is toxic. E...

A New Day for Virginia

I moved to Virginia in November of 2008 to take a job in the railroad industry. The Virginia I found was quite an interesting...

Top Issue in Voters’ Minds and Early Voting Metrics Has Campaigns on Edge

In contrast to Fox News' latest survey, a new poll by The Washington Post-Schar School shows the Virginia governor's race within the...

Angry Rhetoric Won’t Cure Racism

It’s time we make an intentional effort to recognize racism in our own backyards and stand up and address it.
Tom Sawyer at the Parole Board

Preview: The Parole Board Whitewash

It’s early June, so much of official Richmond has been focused on nomination contests. But there’s another major event lurking just over the horizon...

Internal Memo: Dems Should ‘Take Credit’ for Ending COVID

You won't believe what's in this crazy memo from Biden's polling firm. Impact Research is one of the...

KENNEY: In Defense of Our Second Place Trophies

Marse Robert may be gone from Richmond, but let’s not forget that Lee’s example helped Virginians become Americans again.

Is There A Blueprint For Republican Victory in Northern Virginia?

Can Republicans remain competitive in Northern Virginia? When one welds together the center-right, the answer is a surprising and resounding yes.