Tuesday, December 5, 2023

FIVE QUESTIONS: Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares

Whether it is combatting addiction or standing up for freedom, the American Miracle has a fighter in Jason Miyares.

New Bill Would Block Biden From Using Tax Dollars to Buy Crack Pipes

Despite Snopes and Facebook's fact-checking claiming otherwise, documents unveiled earlier this week show the Biden administration aims to put $30 million in...

BLAKELY: Why Do We Love Tucker So Much?

Tucker Carlson’s recent ousting from Fox News has generated considerable controversy, conversation, and speculation across the political spectrum. As host of the most-watched cable...

LEAHY: The Perilous Dance Of Politicians Ignoring The Urgency Of Debt

If most people know anything about the early Christian Saint Augustine, it may be his prayer: "Oh, Master, make me chaste and...

GINSBERG: Reversing Course On Convention Breaks Our Word To Virginia Republicans

Reversing the convention now would prove SCC to be inconsistent and unpredictable and erode the confidence Virginia Republicans have in us as RPV’s governing body, writes Ginsberg.

Flashback: That Time a Chinese Businessman’s Donation to McAuliffe Caught the FBI’s Attention

This isn't Terry McAuliffe's first rodeo. The Democrat previously served as Virginia's 72nd governor from 2014 to 2018. But...

CORTEZ: Don’t Let Old Acquaintances Be Forgot In 2022

As Youngkin continues to build his brain trust, be careful of the political gate crashers who will heap scorn the moment they don't get what they want, writes Daniel Cortez.

Is There A Blueprint For Republican Victory in Northern Virginia?

Can Republicans remain competitive in Northern Virginia? When one welds together the center-right, the answer is a surprising and resounding yes.

The RGGI’s Cap and Tax Scheme Deserves to Die (and the Dems Know It...

RGGI was unaffordable from the get go; lining up ratepayers as hostages isn't right or fair, and the sooner RGGI goes away the better.

Welcome to Virginia’s Very Own Chicago

Portsmouth, Virginia isn't the most corrupt or dysfunctional city in the country. That (dubious) honor arguably goes to Chicago—although I'll admit I'm biased as...