Monday, May 23, 2022

ATF Investigating Democrat Karen Mallard After Sawing Apart AR-15

Karen Mallard, a Democrat challenging incumbent Congressman Scott Taylor, is now being investigated by the ATF after sawing apart an AR-15 rifle.

David Toscano Believes School Safety Will “Distract” From Gun Control

Charlottesville Democrat David Toscano believes ensuring student security in Virginia schools will "distract" from the "primary goal" of confiscating guns.

Speaker Cox Announces Select Committee On School Safety

In light of the recent tragedies in the U.S., House Speaker Kirk Cox announces the Select Committee on School Safety to embolden student security.

TED Berlin: If You Want To Go Green, Go Nuclear

Know what's more dangerous than nuclear power? Living in an urban center or with a partner that smoke cigarettes.

Did This Obama-Era Policy Instigate The Broward County School Shooting?

As school suspension and arrests declined, federal grants from the Obama-era Promise Program increased... thus sweeping problem kids under the rug.

Democrat Sam Rasoul Accused Of Fundraising During Session

Democrat Sam Rasoul is accused by a top House Republican of violating the state's ban on fundraising during session after appearing at a fundraising brunch.

Chairman Jones Provides Alternative Avenue For Medicaid Expansion

House Appropriations Chairman Chris Jones (R-Suffolk) proposed a new vehicle for Medicaid expansion just as the General Assembly entered its final week.

The Fauxrage of Liberals Is No Big Surprise To Conservatives

Have all the liberals charges against conservatives been rooted in psychoticism? Maybe a safe space session is needed to flush this one out.

Drinking Beer On Lawnmower Still Illegal After Senate Bill Fails

For Virginians who like to drink beer while they ride around their yard cutting grass, they are still susceptible to DUI laws after Senate bill fails.

Richmond Mayor Stoney Endorses House Budget For School Funding

Mayor Levar Stoney gathered a small crowd of Richmond-area lawmakers at the General Assembly to endorse the House budget which gives more funding to RPS.