Sunday, December 5, 2021

Ordinary Men; Extraordinary Choices

Two albatrosses continue to hang around Northam's neck at the moment: Antifa and the pipeline. Gillespie's law and order emphasis produces results.

Rep. Scott Taylor Embraces His Conservative Edge; Key Figure Among Trump Advisors

At just 38, Scott Taylor is the kind of Republican candidate and office-holder that the new Republican Party is embracing.

Northam Abandons Rural Virginia (And That’s Problematic)

Northam's abandonment of rural Virginia signals an attempt to turn Northam into Perriello -- a metamorphosis that is more soft coup than authentic. 

VA-10 Democrat Michael Pomerleano Desperately Needs Hometraining

Just one more example of how nasty certain Democrats feel themselves obligated to become in the contest to lose against Rep. Barbara Comstock. 

Ramadan Renews The Call For Reform At UVA

Former Delegate David Ramadan is showing no signs of disappearing from the public square as he renews the call for reform at the University of Virginia.

SCC Rejects Undergrounding Recuperation; McAuliffe Climate Tax Compliance Costs Virginians $133M

Saslaw (D-Fairfax) strongly condemns: "They’re not looking out for the consumer, they’re screwing the consumer."

This Day in Virginia History: Black Market Corn

On September 4, 1623 Governor Francis Wyatt issued a proclamation prohibiting private trade with Indians in Virginia.

Heresy and Orthodoxy: Separating Sheep and Goats in the Nashville Statement

As soon as we sanction a sin as being in conformity with and receiving the approbation of the nature of God’s design, we are engaged in heresy and blasphemy.

Northam Gets $700K Bailout From League of Conservation Voters

Northam's campaign is being forced to accept bailouts in order to resuscitate a campaign that to date has been powered more on fumes than ideas.

Talking About Failing Public Schools Is Uncomfortable; That Doesn’t Make It A False Dichotomy

Dichotomies aren't dismissed as false merely because they are uncomfortable to hear... between destroying monuments and funding schools, let's talk.