Friday, January 21, 2022

Why Is Northam Bringing Weinstein Enablers To Virginia?

Anyone who took any cash from this scumbag has explaining -- not campaigning -- to do.

Fowler: Trump Executive Order Could Revolutionize Health Insurance

President Trump's executive order could visibly expand the number of health care coverage choices for working class Americans.

Obama Is Going To Make Northam’s Base Problem Worse

Northam has a base problem as well as an independents problem, rocks and shoals Gillespie has thus far avoided. 

Is Affordable Energy The Reason Why Richmond Might Land Amazon?

...if you had any question as to why cheap, affordable (and clean) energy was such an important part of the equation?

Justin Fairfax Imploding, Jill Vogel Soaring

The only question is when Jill Vogel defeats Justin Fairfax in a few weeks, will Justin drag Ralph and Mark down with him.

Gillespie Was Right About MS-13

Another day, another instance of violent MS-13 activity in Virginia. When will Northam and McAuliffe take the threat seriously enough to meet with LEOs?

Democratic Polling Firm Ties Gillespie and Northam?

The numbers from this Democratic polling firm match conventional wisdom. How they were arrived at remains a bit of a mystery.

Schapiro: Fairfax Needs Northam +5 In Order To Win

If Fairfax is desperately hoping for a five-point Northam victory, then the campaign needs to prepare for a different sort of experience -- defeat. 

Coalfield Progress: Dominion Receives Warm Welcome in Southwest Virginia

Dominion Energy gets a warm welcome in Tazewell County, Virginia -- demonstrating once again that Virginia's energy backbone matters.

EXCLUSIVE: Stewart Endorses Gillespie (Back In June)

Maybe it's news to the Washington Post... but this already happened.