Monday, May 23, 2022

Delegate Mark Keam Is A Very Expensive Date

Keam's public "Dear John" letter to Dominion isn't about the $9,750 he took when he needed it... or the Redskins tickets...
opioid epidemic

Virginia Localities Seek Lawsuits Against Big Pharma For Opioid Epidemic

Alexandria and Dickenson County seek lawsuits against big pharma for their role in America's opioid epidemic, President Trump weighs in.

Scott Taylor Supports Congressional Measure To Thwart School Violence

House Republican Scott Taylor (VA-2) supports legislation set to help curb school violence with the STOP School Violence Act.

Comstock’s Project Safe Neighborhood Passes Through House

Barbara Comstock's Project Safe Neighborhoods Grant Program Authorization Act passes through House giving NOVA police tools to combat gangs like MS-13.

Trump To Name Supply-Sider Larry Kudlow As Top Economic Advisor

After the resignation of Gary Cohn, President Trump is set to tap self-described Reagan supply-sider Larry Kudlow to lead the National Economic Council.

The Only Virginia NCAA Bracket You Will Ever Need

...not that I'm rooting for anyone but Virginia, of course.  Just thought you should know.

Round 2: General Assembly Will Reconvene on 11 April For Healthcare

With House and Senate budget conferees miles apart on healthcare expansion, Governor Northam has called for a special session to hammer out the details.

Thank You, Hillary Clinton. Please Continue.

Maybe Hillary can be the key to the Democrats losing in 2018, too.

LINGAMFELTER: The Denuclearization of North Korea

Trump won the bet.  The North Koreans blinked.  And now there is a very serious chance that the standoff will develop into a deal.
new california

“New California” Battling “Ungovernable” Leftists To Become 51st State

"New California is a new state in development exercising it’s Constitutional Right to form from the State of California," according to one of its founders.