Monday, May 23, 2022

Joe May’s Campaign A Post-2017 Test Of Republicans In Suburbia

Joe May represents the first trial run of what could be a turning point for the Virginia GOP after a big loss in last year's elections.

34 Democrats Vote Down Republican-Led Emergency Tax Relief

As Republicans remain unified behind tax relief, Democrats remain committed to emptying the pockets of middle-class Virginians.

Trump’s Weekend Twitter Poll

That's a clear message - Trump supporters want Republicans they elected to support the President.
NEA Screen Shot

NEA Goes All-In on Critical Race Theory

If there was any doubt, it’s gone now. Critical Race Theory is in our schools, and it is being pushed by the...
Lindsey Davis Stover

Will Lindsey Davis Stover Return Money From Sexual Predator Senator Chris Dodd?

Will Lindsey Davis Stover return the money given to her by accused sexual predator former Senator Chris Dodd or donate it to a worthy cause like "#MeToo"?

Northam Vetos Bill Expediting Concealed Handgun Permits For Non-Residents

It is unlikely the Republican-controlled General Assembly will gather the two-thirds vote necessary to override Governor Northam's veto. 

Largest Flagpole In Virginia Will Now Hoist The American Flag

With one of the largest concentrations of active-duty and retired men and women of the armed forces and 2018's most patriotic state in America, the values of the Commonwealth of Virginia are undoubtedly defined in the brilliance of the American flag, and indeed the size of the new one.

DPVA Starts Fairfaxing Challengers; Leaves Dozens In The Cold

If it wasn't clear before, the progressive split with the liberal faction of the Virginia Democratic Party is open, ruptured, and a bloody mess. 

Youngkin Administration Aims to Speed up Environmental Permitting

A marquee issue for the Youngkin administration is getting some much-needed attention, as plans are being drawn up to streamline the complicated regulatory and...

Democrat Guzman Unleashes Nasty Campaign Slick Against Lingamfelter

Another bankrupt idea, we suppose.