Thursday, August 18, 2022

Democrats Slam Hispanics, Barrett on Charismatic Catholicism?

Have the Democrats made a catastrophic error in attacking Barrett's charismatic Catholicism?  Hispanic voters may have the last say. 

Meeting Featuring Albemarle County School Board And Protesters Ends As Expected

When the Albemarle County School Board was met by the Hate-Free School Coalition, who has advocated for the banning of Confederate imagery, no productive conversations happened, no positive engagement occurred, and the only thing accomplished was chaos.

Youngkin Replaces State Agency Ban Phasing Out Single-Use Plastics with Order Promoting Recycling

Governor Glenn Youngkin has rescinded an executive order from former Governor Ralph Northam that ordered Virginia agencies to phase out single-use plastics and Styrofoam. Youngkin issued a...

Northam Politicizes Charlottesville In Desperate Last Minute Gamble

These are the tactics one might expect from Steve Bannon.  Not from those who claim to honor the Virginia Way.

Democratic Boosterism For Transgenders, Abortion Occupies Last Week Of Virginia Elections

Virginia Democrats continue to champion abortion on demand just days before the November elections.

Obama Claiming Credit For Booming Economy Doesn’t Hold Up To Fact Checkers

When the former cheerleaders of the Obama Administration begin to criticize the former president, that means something is definitely wrong with the narrative. Fact checkers have proven that "Obama doesn’t always tell the straight story," and President Trump deserves a lot of credit for the booming U.S. economy.

Resistance v. Results On Display As Comstock And Wexton Debate In Loudoun County

Republican Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (VA-10) and Democratic challenger State Senator Jennifer Wexton debated in a match that outlines the narrative of resistance versus results in a district that is looking for problem solving, not partisan predicaments.

Bill to Verify Voter Citizenship Advances out of Committee

Peake's bill would use electronic databases maintained by the federal government to verify the citizenship of Virginia voters. He says it is a "common sense" measure to fight voter fraud which should be adopted, given the ease with which technology can verify citizenship.

USDA Agents Raid and Seize Dogs at Beagle-Breeder-for Testing Envigo

USDA agents and other authorities raided beagle-breeder-for-testing Envigo’s Cumberland facility and seized 145 dogs that were in “acute distress” on Wednesday, according to a lawsuit...

GOP Group Introduces Resolution Recognizing Emma Weyant As Rightful Winner Of NCAA Swim Final...

In response to transgender athlete Lia Thompson's NCAA Swimming Final win, a group of Republicans in Congress is introducing a federal resolution to recognize...