Americans For Prosperity UNLOADS With Seven Figure Ad Buy

AFP announced a seven-figure ad buy to support its multi-million-dollar effort urging Virginians to vote against Ralph Northam in the race for governor.


It’s a 30 second spot, but it highlights what is proving to be an enduring criticism of a part-time Lieutenant Governor running a part-time campaign.  From AFP’s J.C. Hernandez:

As a member of its board of directors, Ralph Northam had a statutory responsibility to supervise the VEDP’s use of taxpayer dollars.  Yet when a fake Chinese company with a false address and a phony website scammed the VEDP and Virginia taxpayers for $1.4 million, Northam didn’t even notice. Why? Because he skipped more than half the board meetings. Northam could have done his job and stopped the fraud.  But he couldn’t be bothered and we got scammed. Ralph Northam didn’t show up for work. 

All summer long our activists have been canvassing the state, getting the word out to friends and neighbors about Northam’s poor record. With this significant ad buy, we’ll be ramping up those efforts even more. We don’t believe Ralph Northam deserves a promotion, and we’re committed to making sure he doesn’t become our next governor.

Nice counterbalance to all that outside money that LCV, Planned Parenthood, and out-of-state billionaires have been pouring into a lackluster Northam campaign.