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The owner of Gourmeltz in Fredericksburg has remained a beacon of sanity for those who’ve felt frustrated during this drawn-out pandemic.

In June, Matt Strickland told Washington, D.C.’s CBS-affiliate WUSA that Virginia’s strict COVID guidelines weren’t merely adversely affecting his business. They were unconstitutional.


Under the governorship of Ralph Northam (D), Virginia businesses, including Strickland’s, were required to enforce mask-wearing.

But Strickland would not comply. With a crack team of lawyers working as his tireless advocates, including former U.S. Congressman and Libertarian Party nominee for president Bob Barr, he took the Commonwealth of Virginia to court.

Now, after months of fighting the state, the proud veteran and hardworking small business owner is breaking news once again.

Matt Strickland is running for office, Virginia’s State Senate District 27 to be exact.

As WUSA reports:

“One thing I’ve learned through all of this is that we have corrupt politicians representing us on both sides of the aisle,” Strickland wrote in an email to WUSA9 reporter Bruce Leshan. “So, I’m now running for state senate.”

The attorney general dropped all charges against him, and the restaurant continues to operate. There are currently no restrictions on masks and capacity limits in Virginia for those who are fully vaccinated.

According to Strickland, although he was able to get his health license back following the court’s ruling, the state still hasn’t returned his restaurant’s liquor license back.

“So, we’re still selling illegal alcohol technically,” Strickland said in his email.

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