Ambassador Nikki Haley endorses Glenn Youngkin's gubernatorial campaign. July 14th, 2021. {Photo Credit: Rachel Leppert, Youngkin for Governor., CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons}

2024 Republican Presidential contender and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is set to make a campaign stop in Arlington, Virginia next Tuesday, April 25th.

Per a media release issued by her team, Haley will be delivering a “major policy speech” on the issue of abortion.

Haley’s announcement was met with a sarcastic response by Arlington’s far-left Soros-funded Commonwealth’s Attorney Parisa Dehghani-Tafti who told Haley there was “no point coming” to Arlington.

Dehghani-Tafti’s remark was then highlighted by the Arlington County Republican Party, who asked her if she actually prosecuted anyone.

Having served as a legislator and governor in South Carolina prior to her appointment as former President Donald Trump’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Haley has a track record she can point to on many issues, including that of abortion.

While serving as governor in 2016, Haley signed a 20-week abortion ban into law. She also voted in favor of numerous pro-life bills during her time in the legislature including the Penalties for Harming an Unborn Child/Fetus law, the Inclusion of Unborn Child/Fetus in Definition for Civil Suits Amendment, and the Prohibiting Employment Termination Due to Abortion Waiting Period amendment.

In an interview with The Today Show conducted this past February,  “Haley said she would not support a “full-out federal ban because I don’t think that’s been put on the table. I think what Lindsey Graham has put on the table is 15 weeks. And I think if we’re looking at 15 weeks, what we need to understand is we are not OK with abortion up until the time of birth. And so we should at least decide when is it OK, she said.”


Since announcing her campaign, Haley has been primarily focused on making numerous stops in the early Presidential states of Iowa and New Hampshire, as well as her home state of South Carolina.