“If someone has a mask on, we’re not asking them to take it off, they’re being arrested.”

Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney is showing how to properly handle a demonstration.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch isn’t playing footsie with its reporting, either — the message from Richmond Police and from Richmond elected officials is unequivocal and clear — break the law, go to jail.

Dear RTD — fix your video insert or just use YouTube.

Of course, it’s not as if Antifa (alt-lite?) supporters are having any of that:

“You say that safety is your primary concern, but you’re not allowing people helmets,” said Kristen O’Nell. “That really, honestly, doesn’t make any sense to me.”

This isn’t beanbag.  As we saw in Charlottesville, two sides are coming to go to war… or as we saw in Boston, one side — the political left — came ready to go to war.  Leftists are being trucked down to join in the counterprotest just for kicks.

Stoney is warning folks not to come to Monument Avenue unless they are either participating in the protests or have an absolute need to be there.  Beyond that, VCU students are being urged to stay far from the event, as Richmond Police are making it quite clear that the lawlessness that occurred in Charlottesville will not be tolerated this weekend.