Albert Bettannier via Wikimedia Commons

Throughout Virginia and across the country teachers are confessing that schools are teaching critical race theory.

Yet liberal journalists continue to abdicate their responsibility to report the truth and ignore this huge controversy.

We shouldn’t be surprised, but it is disappointing nonetheless.

As Bacon’s Rebellion reports:

Detroit’s school superintendent, Nikolai Vitti, says critical race theory is deeply embedded in his school system: “Our curriculum is deeply using critical race theory, especially in social studies, but you’ll find it in English language arts and the other disciplines. We were very intentional about … embedding critical race theory within our curriculum.”

His school district is not alone. Twenty percent of urban school teachers have discussed or taught critical race theory with K-12 students, as have 8 % of teachers nationally, according to an Education Week survey. The Seattle public schools employed a critical race theorist as part of the district’s efforts to embed the theory in elementary schools.

In November, after the teaching of critical race theory in K-12 schools had become a national political issue, Washington Post education reporter Hannah Natanson wrote that critical race theory “is not taught at the K-12 level in Virginia — or anywhere else in the country.”

Education reporters Laura Meckler and Timothy Bella wrote on November 8 that “critical race theory…is not taught by any K-12 systems.”

Other reporters from The Post all but openly mocked conservatives for bringing up the issue, comparing it to a boogeyman to frighten voters.

Fortunately, their condescending attitude—along with Terry McAuliffe’s—backfired. It also hardened the resolve of Virginia’s parents who likely know that in 2015 the Virginia Department of Education ordered schools to “embrace critical race theory.”

Sorry, liberals. The truth hurts.