John Adams is one heck of a class act, that’s for sure.  Nothing fazes this guy.

After Northam’s bungling campaign continues to sputter for cash in a race the media is demanding he carry by double digits, it’s clear the panic in the Northam camp is infecting the downticket races, as Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring — clearly stung by Adams’ outstanding jujitsu on Herring’s contemptible “opinion” that contradicted his 2015 “opinion” on Confederate memorials — has decided to launch into some heavy media buys with negative ads targeting Adams.

In August.

So how does the Adams campaign react?  About as you’d expect — with total class:

“Mark Herring is attacking me for being a good lawyer,” said Adams. “In my professional career I have clerked for the Supreme Court, served as a federal prosecutor, been a lawyer for the President of the United States and defended people in need of help in private practice. I may be running for office for the first time but I know one thing: when the politicians start attacking me, I know I must be doing something right.”

Great line.  Adams’ campaign couldn’t help but follow up Herring’s nasty campaign tactics with this interesting little tidbit:

Finally, in one case where Adams and Herring opposed each other it is worth noting Adams represented an indigent defendant who had been attacked in prison. Adams prevailed, and Herring’s Office was subsequently sanctioned in the case for misconduct. So much for only representing the “powerful.”  

Virginia needs a new lawyer. 

So it’s personal after all for Herring.

Either way, the Adams camp has successfully defused Herring’s nasty campaign tactics with the effortless turn of a press release, which for any honest observer demonstrates that Adams’ character and on-his-feet thinking is going to prove a lot more than Herring’s campaign might be prepared to handle.