In what alternative universe is it ever acceptable to call a woman a “bovine” in a public (or private) forum?

Apparently, 10th District Democrats don’t seem to have a problem with that sort of language.  From Trevor Baratko over at the Loudoun Times-Mirror:

On a Facebook post that features Congresswoman Comstock visiting a cattle farm in Aldie on Friday, Pomerleano commented: “Which one is Comstock and who is the bovine?”

Republicans quickly panned Pomerleano and his remark, calling him a “disgrace” and his comment sexist.

Need the proof?

Now I understand that it is fashionable among Democrats to viscerally hate their opponents, where in polite company one is obligated to say “I disagree with everything they are, but they’re a pretty nice person…”

Perhaps the extended conversation about civility in the public (and private) square needs to be held in earnest among Democrats again?  If it was ever held the first time?

Just one more example of how nasty certain Democrats feel themselves obligated to become in the contest to lose against Rep. Barbara Comstock.